Panasonic SD-R2530


Bread baking made easy. With the SD-R2530 bread maker from Panasonic, you can prepare fresh-smelling bread every day.
- Timer-controlled raisin-nut distributor
- 30 programs for different types of bread,
cakes, dough making, jam etc.
- Manual settings for kneading & leavening cake and bread doughs
- Simple & delicious gluten-free baking: 4 programs for bread, cakes, pizza, pasta doughs
- Quick programs for bread baking
- Warm bread at the desired time (13 hour time preselection), three selectable bread sizes (X, L and XL)
- Baking tin with non-stick coating

Key specifications

Power consumption
550 W
Bread size
100 - 1000 g
25.20 cm
40.80 cm
Additional functions
Item number