Arebos Breadmaker

AREBOS – bread maker 1500 g

Imagine, it is 8:30 in the evening and you realize: Tomorrow morning at 7 o´clock I would like to enjoy a freshly baked bread – no problem with this bread maker. Put all the
ingredients in the bowl, select the desired program, adjust the browning level with the browning control, enter the weight, and then use the timer button to enter the time with 10 hours and 30 minutes.
The wonderful scent of freshly baked bread will welcome you in the kitchen

Apart from baking, you can use this bread maker also for making jams: Simply add fruits and sugar – and soon enjoy your own homemade jam. The delivery scope includes yummy recipes for low-sugar toppings, such as strawberry or apricot jams, or for delicious deserts, e.g. made from red fruits or applesauce.

All benefits at a glance:

-Bread maker with 15 programs and 3 browning settings
-Fully automatic program sequences – mixing, kneading, rising, and baking
-For white and brown breads, hearty wholegrain breads, sweet types of bread, or pound cakes
-With special programs, e.g. for gluten-free baking, pasta or pizza doughs, jam, yogurt
-HomeMade (up to 8 recipes can be programmed)
-Adjustable bread weight (1000/1250/1500 g)
-60-minute keeping-warm function
-Memory function: in case of power failures, the device saves all settings for up to 10 minutes
-15-hour timer for delaying the starting time
-Ventilation slots inside the lid
-Cool-touch housing
-2 dough hooks for filling capacities of 750-1500g
-Removable lid for easy and quick cleaning
-Electronic control panel with LCD and power indicator light
-Dough hooks and baking tray with high-quality non-stick coating
-Premium stainless-steel applications
-Control window for viewing the baking process.

Key specifications

Power consumption
850 W
Bread size
1000 - 1500 g
30 cm
26.80 cm
Item number