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What the hell is that? Part 57

Our range is growing constantly. However, some products will have you guessing what it is that you’re looking at. Today's example: a deformed suppository.

Good luck inserting this thing – it’s larger in real life than on this picture. Which makes me think; could this be a huge black wine bottle without cork? Nope. Having said that, it could be used with wine, but that’s probably a bad idea. Could it be a state-of-the-art cricket bat? I’m sure Sir Donald Bradman would be turning in his grave if he read this. Maybe a trompinette, a previously unknown musical instrument? No way.

In fact, this thing also releases air, but it does so (almost) silently. This is Allonge, an invention by d-design, used to humidify your home and add a decorative touch to any room. At least, that’s what the manufacturer says. Anything else? Oh yes, it’s a nebuliser, too. Stick on the adapter and your four walls won’t only become nice and humid, but also smell lovely. Sounds a bit like the slogan for a sex toy to me. Which takes us back to the start and the inserting business. Oh and don’t forget: Filling it with win is at your own risk!

  • Allonge
  • Allonge
d-design Allonge
A decorative addition to your home, even when it's not in use.


  • Currently unavailable. Delivery date unknown.

Information subject to change.

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From climbing ropes to red wine to hammer drills – we’ve got just about everything. In line with this, we’ve been browsing our range for unusual products that prompt a: What the hell is that? Find something in our range that's downright weird? Let us know:

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Raphael Knecht, Zurich

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When I'm not stuffing my face with sweets, you'll catch me running around in the gym hall. I’m a passionate floorball player and coach. On rainy days, I tinker with my homebuilt PCs, robots or other gadgets. Music is always my trusted companion. I also enjoy tackling hilly terrain on my road bike and criss-crossing the country on my cross-country skis.

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