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  • Avance Collection HR3652/02
  • Avance Collection HR3652/02
  • Avance Collection HR3652/02
CHF 136.–
Philips Avance Collection HR3652/02

Question about Philips Avance Collection HR3652/02

User Rafael Meyer
 Accepted answer

In general it's possible to add hot ingredients into the blender. However the manufacturer mentions the following warning notices:

1. Do not add ingredients 60 °C hotter than ambient temperature.
2. Be careful if hot liquid is poured into the blender as it can be ejected out of the appliance due to a
sudden steaming.
3. Do not put more than 1.25 litre in the blender jar when you process hot liquids or ingredients that tend to foam.

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User Tah&Asm

Thanks a lot for your helpful indications, indeed I have experienced case number 2 once! All in all Philips have excellent products I will probably purchase this to replace current Philips blender that has the plastic recipient. Best regards.

User Rafael Meyer

You're welcome. Nice to hear that you are interested in this Philips blender. Kind regards.


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