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1. Orion Cube

Can you never agree on a position? Consult this 12-sided dice and let fate decide which position is up. The dice shows a funny couple in 12 different positions.

Orion Cube (Dice games)
Erotic games
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6.20 per piece for 3 units

Orion Cube

Dice games

2. Kheper Games Sex Card German

Each SEXE! and Sex! Card explicitly illustrates either a foreplay activity or a sexual position, and the color represents the intensity of the position.Each deck includes three card games.After building the fantasy, you both act it out. 

Kheper Games Sex Card German
Erotic games
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Kheper Games Sex Card German

3. tease & please True love game

Many have gone before you. Since many years the board game ‘Discover Your Lover Classic Edition’ has been a success in the US and UK and many other countries. Available in all major languages this game is sold in over 30 countries all over the world. In case you haven’t played it yet...... accept the challenge and give your sexual relation a playful boost. Discover Your Lover takes you on a sexual journey with your partner where enjoyment is essential. Using 480 questions and tasks, you and your partner will discover what the both of you really like. The game starts with affectionate, romantic tasks. The next level the game takes you to is the intimate level, things start to warm up now. Then towards the end of the game it’s time for the passionate challenges, with sparkling action where nothing is a must but anything is possible. In a playful way barriers are broken and you will feel closer then ever before. ’Discover Your Lover’ is disarming, exciting, direct and daring, hilarious at times but never disrespectful. In this game everything can be played or adapted to your own liking. Before you start to actually play the game, each player expresses one of their wishes or lustful desires. This can be a long time cherished erotic fantasy or a simple but delightful breakfast in bed. The winner of the game gets their wish/desire fulfilled by their partner. In a true sense the game therefore has no real loser. In short: this game is an absolute MUST HAVE for all those that want to keep their sex life playful, intimate, fun and challenging. 

tease & please True love game (Deck of cards, Other, German)
Erotic games

tease & please True love game

Deck of cards, Other, German

4. tease & please FuckMe

Highly erotic and varied game for couples who like to experiment. Six sexy tasks to be solved. Not only the challenges on the leporellos (in 10 languages) are at your disposal, but also the high-quality game accessories, such as two sex dice (1 x position, 1 x location), two penis rings (one with vibration) and a card game with Kamasutra positions. Batteries for vibro penis ring included. 

tease & please FuckMe (Deck of cards, English, German, Italian, French)
Erotic games

tease & please FuckMe

Deck of cards, English, German, Italian, French

5. Secret play Scratch & Sex Straight

Secret Play´s "Scratch & Sex" game is the classic scratch off card game. Scratch an option every day and if you´re lucky, you´ll discover a new position to enjoy with your partner. There are four options to scratch for each day, taking 7 days in total. You can finish the one-week session and then scratch again from the beginning discovering the remaining positions, allowing you to enjoy 4 weeks of play. Scratch & Sex comes in three different versions, one for each type of sexual orientation. This is the STRAIGHT version. 

Secret play Scratch & Sex Straight (Portuguese, German, English, Spanish, French)
Erotic games
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3.15 per piece for 4 units

Secret play Scratch & Sex Straight

Portuguese, German, English, Spanish, French

6. tease & please Mission Intimate

Your lover will take you on a journey of discovery in the realm of joy. By answering questions (240) and carrying out missions (240), you and your partner will find out what you really like. The game begins with tender and romantic mission (common task), then goes more intimate tasks (personal mission) and finally leads to passionate mission (spiritual mission). A game in which everything is allowed and nothing is obligatory. By playing, you break barriers and get closer to each other. This is a game disarmament, exciting, direct and daring, sometimes hilarious, but always with respect for the other. In this game there is nothing mandatory and all missions can be completed as desired. Before starting the actual game, each player specifies what his personal mission. It can be an erotic desire long or just a breakfast in bed the winner is the one who sees his intimate mission in progress and it is the partner who recognizes this desire. So in this game, there's practically no loser. 

tease & please Mission Intimate (Board game, French)
Erotic games

tease & please Mission Intimate

Board game, French

7. Moodzz Kamasutra

Card game, Kamasutra motifs (positions), ideally suited for erotic games among adults. Not a children's toy - not suitable for children.

Moodzz Kamasutra (Deck of cards)
Erotic games
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5.25 per piece for 3 units

Moodzz Kamasutra

Deck of cards

8. Erotic Entertainment hot affair

During the game there will be exciting and sometimes funny tasks, which will include stimulating and sometimes wild conversations. The highlight of the game is that the winner can choose one of fifty possible exciting fantasies with their partner and live them out. Couples board game - Content: 4 sets of cards (erotic, fantasy, passion, intimate), 2 game pieces, 1 dice, 3 x 4 rings for game pieces. 

Erotic Entertainment hot affair (Board game, German)
Erotic games

Erotic Entertainment hot affair

Board game, German

9. Spencer & Fleetwood Cola Willies

Who still knows the "Cola Fläschli" from his childhood? Yeah, they're yesterday's. Today we have the Gummiwillies. Jelly-like penises with sugar coating. Mmmm, the taste buds awaken memories in us despite the new form. A great gift for open-minded and candy junkies who are absolutely addicted to the inimitable taste of cola. 

Spencer & Fleetwood Cola Willies (Other)
Erotic games
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6.45 per piece for 3 units

Spencer & Fleetwood Cola Willies


10. Erotic Entertainment Sex cube glow-in-the-dark

One cube names the part of the body that is to be pampered, the other the respective action. Enjoy an exciting foreplay in a playful way. 2 dice in a set.

Erotic Entertainment Sex cube glow-in-the-dark
Erotic games
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4.05 per piece for 4 units

Erotic Entertainment Sex cube glow-in-the-dark