Best products in the Doghouses category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Hompet Dog toilet

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Indoor dog potty option is useful for disabled dogs, handicapped people, bad weather, elderly dogs, sick dogs, travel, etc. It can also be used outside on the balcony or patio. It is washable and extremely easy to clean. Weatherproof, non-toxic, no assembly required. This pet device is easy, quick and simple in a snap. The weatherproof design and materials allow you to use it like a dog litter box for puppies and dogs outside on the patio, porch or balcony. Non-toxic and safe for your pet. Hompet dog litter box features a three-layer design, raised plastic drain pan sits catches urine and directs it through the drainage hole into the collection box for easy disposal. The upgraded bionic wall is better for dog urination and can also prevent urine splash. Your dog will no longer pull the grass out of the potty pad, thanks to a new design hem grass mat. Get rid of the falling off, cracked and scratchy grass edges. Hompet puppy lawn mats use high-quality UV-resistant polyethylene and polypropylene yarn designed to withstand harsh sunlight or dog pee without degrading. The more drainage holes, the better the drainage. Hompet dog toilet have 56 drainage holes to ensure good drainage. Other products have drainage holes further apart or no drainage hole, dog pee can stay between the drainage holes and create lingering odors. This grass pee pad for dogs gives your dog a place to do his business without leaving the comfort of your home. With a realistic grass design, your dog will love using it anytime. Ideal for homes, patios, porches, balconies and more. 

2. Karlie Plano

The Plano wooden dog house with its raised floor and feet protected with plastic caps gives dogs a safe and secure home. The kennel is easy to assemble and weatherproof because it is water and UV resistant. So dogs and their owners will have long friends at the dog house. The roof can be opened and put up. 

3. Sailnovo Dog toilet

Training pads can also be used for litter box mats, dog crate liners, muddy paws, messy spills, pet dogs, incontinent dogs, or more. The artificial grass mat is water permeable. It protects the floor from damage, also provide you with a comfortable environment. Ideal for puppy cleanliness education, as a support for older aging or incontinent dogs, and as an alternative to going outside for pet dogs. For indoor/outdoor use. You can empty the toilet through the drawer super or Simply clean the three-partswith soap and warm water every 3 days. 

Sailnovo Dog toilet (Accessories)

Sailnovo Dog toilet


4. Karlie Doggy

Doggy Pool Blue / Red 80 X 20 cm.

5. Deek Pets Dog barrier "Paris" 4-piece, with paw design

Paris" barrier for dogs and puppies. The swing hinges make the barrier very flexible and adaptable to almost any situation.

also suitable for larger dogs
MDF, lacquered
door hinges offer many set-up variations
for blocking off rooms, stairs etc.
can be folded up and stored in a space-saving way
2 supplied feet can be attached if required and provide better stability
variably adjustable
grid spacing: 4cm
colour: white
Dimensions: 51-160 × 86 cm

Length completely folded: 51cm
Length angled/standing: up to max. 160cm
Total length straight: approx. 205 cm

Can be extended with extension element (approx. 50cm wide).
Note: With one extension, the grid is still stable, as one of the "feet" can be moved. With 2 extensions or more, we recommend a lateral attachment or additional support feet.

Deek Pets Dog barrier "Paris" 4-piece, with paw design

Deek Pets Dog barrier "Paris" 4-piece, with paw design

6. PawHut Dog kennel with cushion

Give your pet the ultimate place to call their own with this round rattan dog bed . It is made of PE fabric and has a charming basket design that goes well with a variety of decorating styles. It provides a comfortable retreat for safety and peace of mind, especially for anxious dogs who need an extra layer of security. Style and comfort in a natural way. 

PawHut Dog kennel with cushion (Dog house)

PawHut Dog kennel with cushion

Dog house

7. Jamb Puppy run

This pet door safety gate from PawHut is designed to provide a safe and comfortable space for your furry friends. It can be used as a pet playpen, safety gate, oven and Christmas tree fence. You can build it in different shapes to meet your different needs. Its collapsible design makes the barrier gate easy to transport and store when not in use. Description: * Includes 8 panels, can be used as a pet playpen, safety gate, barrier gate and room divider, etc. * The door can be closed automatically when its opening angle is less than 90°, and stay open when it is over 90°. (The door will not close if the angle is less than 15°). * This pet gate can be made into any desired shape, L-shape, U-shape, octagonal, etc. * Slide the knob on both ends of the top and lift to open the door * Tighten the knob on the fold to fix the door * Solid steel frame with powder coated finish, safe and durable forr long-term use * Collapsible design for easy storage and transport * Suitable for small and medium dogs with a shoulder height of 25 cm to 50 cm * Assembly required Technical data: * Colour: White * Material: steel, plastic * Fully extended size: 482.5L x 2D x 76H cm * Collapsible size: 62L x 19.5D x 78H cm * Single piece size: 62.5L x 76H cm (with door), 60L x 76H cm (without door) * Entrance door width: 41 cm * Fencing spacing: 5.5 cm Supplied with: * 1 x dog guard * 1 x instruction. 

8. VidaXL Chenil

Offrez sûreté, sécurité et confort à votre chiot avec ce chenil d'extérieur. Cette niche polyvalente pour chiens a des multiples utilisations : jeu, exercice, dressage ou tout simplement protection de vos chiens. Ce sera le paradis de jeu parfait pour votre compagnon à quatre pattes ! Ce grand chenil offre un grand espace d'exercice tandis que le maillon de la chaîne tout autour aide à prévenir les dommages et les accidents inattendus tout en permettant la ventilation. Grâce à sa construction en acier galvanisé robust, ce chenil de qualité est durable et construit pour dururer. Manufactured 100% in polyethylene, the upper cover included is resistant to fire and UV, offering protection against the sun, rain, snow and other weather conditions. La porte à charnière avec système de verrouillage verrouillable assure une sécurité supplémentaire à vos chiens. SKU:171496. 

9. Jamb Dog house Cat house

Dog house Cat house 60 cm x 40 cm x 59.2 cm Your dogs will love this dog house from Pawhut. This kennel comes in a rustic design and has a large interior so your dogs have a spacious place to rest. The front door betetet easy access and ensures good ventilation. A soft, washable, padded cushion is included for added comfort. Stylish and functional, it's a great addition to your home. Description: ✔ The cottage style dog house is an attractive addition to your home ✔ A good place for dogs to rest and nap ✔ The cover of the soft cushion can be removed for easy cleaning ✔ The front opening provides better airflow ✔ The front opening provides better airflow ✔ The front opening provides better airflow ✔ The front opening provides better airflow ✔ The front opening provides better airflow ✔ The front opening provides better airflow ✔ The front openingThe front opening ensures better air circulation and makes it easy to get in and out ✔ Suitable for small dogs up to 8 kg and up to a shoulder height of 50 cm. - Assembly required Technical data: ✔ Colour: natural+coffee brown+cream white ✔ Material: MDF, chipboard, polyester, foam ✔ Overall dimensions: 60W x 40D x 59.2H cm ✔ Main house dimensions: 56.6W x 35.2W x 55H cm. Front opening dimensions: 32W x 40H cm ✔ Top roof height: 35.5 cm (left), 17.7 cm (right) ✔ Cushion size: 56.5 W x 35 D x 3 D cm Supplied with: ✔ 1 x dog house ✔ 1 x instruction. 

Jamb Dog house Cat house (Dog house)

Jamb Dog house Cat house

Dog house

10. Trixie Classic

Roof can be folded up. Legs protect against ground moisture as well as cold and provide good air circulation under the hut. Adjustable feet.