Top-rated products in the Doghouses category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Karlie Doggy

Doggy Pool Blue 160 X 30 cm.

2. PawHut Dog kennel with cushion

Your dogs will love this dog house from Pawhut. This kennel comes in a rustic design and has a large interior so your dogs have a spacious place to rest. The front door betets easy access and provides good ventilation and a soft, washable, padded cushion is included for added comfort. Stylish and functional, it's a great addition to your home. 

PawHut Dog kennel with cushion (Dog house)
87.90 CHF

PawHut Dog kennel with cushion

Dog house

3. Savic Dog Barrier with cat door

Your dog should not enter a room into which your cat, puppy or other small pets should enter without problems? This barrier offers the ideal solution!

Savic's Dog
Barrier 2 solid barrier with cat door easily prevents your dog from going to rooms or floors where he has lost nothing. A 50 cm wide two-way door with double safety lock is provided for the master and mistress, so that you still have convenient access to the cordoned off area. In addition, a small door (W 17 x H 28 cm) was installed so that cats, puppies and small pets can pass through. This small door can be closed or opened separately. The installation of the barrier is very simple and does not require any drilling.

The grille is extendable and can block passages of 75 - 84 cm. If you have to close off a larger passageway, you can reach a maximum width of 105 cm with up to three extensions.

Features of the Dog Barrier at a glance:

Integrated 50 cm wide door for master and mistress
two-way door with double safety lock
Small door for cats, puppies and small pets; Dimensions: W 17 x H 28 cm
Extendable from 75 cm to 84 cm
Maximum lockable area (including 3 extensions, not included) 105 cm
Simple installation (no drilling!)
Including wall rings Ø approx. 4 cm
grid spacing approx. 4.5 cm
Dimensions Dog Barrier 107 cm: L 75 - 84 cm x H 107 cm
mass dog barrier extension 107 cm: L 7 cm x H 107 cm
We recommend using a maximum of 3 extensions>

The extensions of this Dog Barrier are not compatible with the previous model from Savic.

Savic Dog Barrier with cat door
114.– CHF

Savic Dog Barrier with cat door

4. VidaXL Puppy playpen

VidaXL Puppy playpen (Dog house)
45.– CHF

VidaXL Puppy playpen

Dog house

5. Swisspet Albergo

The dog houses Albergo are equipped with insulation and wind protection. The side walls, as well as floor and roof are double-walled. Therefore the hut is especially insulated. A pillow is available separately. 

Swisspet Albergo (Dog house)
382.– CHF

Swisspet Albergo

Dog house

6. Sailnovo Dog toilet

Training pads can also be used for litter box mats, dog crate liners, muddy paws, messy spills, pet dogs, incontinent dogs, or more. The artificial grass mat is water permeable. It protects the floor from damage, also provide you with a comfortable environment. Ideal for puppy cleanliness education, as a support for older aging or incontinent dogs, and as an alternative to going outside for pet dogs. For indoor/outdoor use. You can empty the toilet through the drawer super or Simply clean the three-partswith soap and warm water every 3 days. 

Sailnovo Dog toilet (Accessories)
78.– CHF

Sailnovo Dog toilet


7. Deek Pets Wally

Dog barrier.

Suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages
made of clear varnished pine wood with galvanised bars
for blocking off rooms, stairs etc.
very light, can
be easily repositioned
variably adjustable
colour: natural
Dimensions: approx. 67-108 cm extendable × 55 cm height × 32 cm baseboard width.

Deek Pets Wally (Accessories)
57.90 CHF

Deek Pets Wally


8. Pety Outdoor enclosure, Ø 110 x 80 cm

Product type: Enclosure.

Pety Outdoor enclosure, Ø 110 x 80 cm
139.– CHF

Pety Outdoor enclosure, Ø 110 x 80 cm

9. Hurtta Monsoon raincoat orange

HURTTA Raincoat Monsoon Coat. Weight: 60, Colour: Orange, Product type: Raincoat, Dog size: Medium

Hurtta Monsoon raincoat orange
107.– CHF

Hurtta Monsoon raincoat orange

10. Ferplast Dogvilla

Ferplast Dogvilla (Dog house)
77.90 CHF

Ferplast Dogvilla

Dog house