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Feeding bowls + Dishes

In our range you will find a variety of bowls in different materials, shapes and functions for your pet. Unlike a dog bowl, a cat bowl should be wide enough so that your cat's whiskers do not touch the rim of the bowl.

Stainless steel food bowl
A stainless steel bowl is characterised by its stability and its dishwasher resistance. It is easy to clean and remains rust-free.

Ceramic feeding bowl
Ceramic food bowls have the advantage that they are tasteless and easy to clean. They are also more resistant and heavier than other bowls, which makes it more difficult for your pet to knock them over.

Plastic food bowl
Compared to stainless steel and ceramic bowls, plastic bowls are less sturdy and therefore lighter. This is why they are recommended for taking along on trips. They are easy to clean and do not rust.

Automatic feeder
There are special bowls that can be controlled remotely via a WLAN connection and feeding can be done at any time at the touch of a button. With the integrated camera and hands-free system, you can even watch your cat or dog eating and talk to them. It is also possible to programme feeding times at the same or different times. If you are often on the go, the automatic feeder offers you a good alternative to manual feeding.

What is an anti-wrestling bowl?
If your dog has a tendency to gulp, i.e. to swallow food quickly without chewing, an anti-gulping bowl could help. The anti-gulping bowl is characterised by elevations inside the bowl that force the dog to eat around these obstacles. This prevents the dog from gulping down all the food quickly and promotes a normal feeling of fullness.

Drinking fountain
Cats, according to their natural instinct, are constantly in search of fresh and clean drinking water. They are especially attracted by the movement and the splashing of the flowing water. The cat fountain works exactly according to this principle and animates your cat to drink through the water flow. Since the water is in constant motion through the fountain, it is enriched with oxygen and thus gets a particularly fresh taste. It is generally important for your pet's health that it drinks enough. The water supply should be increased by feeding more dry food.

Feeding bowl accessories
In the food bowl you can store the dry food as well as the treats for your pet without losing freshness, crunchiness and taste.
Using a bowl mat can prevent the food bowls from sliding around on the floor and leaving stubborn stains on your parquet or carpet.
With the help of a bowl stand, your dog's feeding place can be brought to an appropriate height so that he can adopt a healthy and natural posture while eating, which in turn relieves the joints and spine.