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Feeding bowls + Dishes

The food bowl is a food container in which you can fill your pet's food or water and drink it from it. The bowls differ according to material, shape and function. A food bowl made of stainless steel and plastic is easy to clean and stainless. The stainless steel bowls are more stable in shape than those made of plastic. Ceramic bowls have a more neutral taste and are also easy to clean. In our assortment you can find bowls with different decorations. There are feeding bowls made of wood, rattan, stone look and various patterns and colors. You can buy the matching bowl for your home furnishings as you wish. Unlike the dog, the cat bowl should be wide enough so that the tactile hair does not touch the edge of the bowl.

What is a feeder?
There is a special bowl that can be remotely controlled via a W-Lan connection and that can be fed at any time at the push of a button. With the built-in camera and handsfree, you can even watch your cat or dog eating and talk to them. It is also possible to program the feeding times at the same or different times. During the holiday season this can be a good alternative to feeding. These are so-called automatic feeders.

What's an anti-snare bowl?
If your dog has a tendency to snarl, you can buy anti-snare bowls in our assortment that have elevations inside the bowl. Through these elevations the dog must eat around these obstacles. The bowl thus prevents slinging and promotes the normal feeling of fullness.