Dog bed + cat bed

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Dog bed + cat bed

In the course of a day, cats sleep and snooze for several hours and therefore need numerous quiet retreats. Dogs also like to have different places to choose from where they can retreat and rest. In our assortment, you will find various sleeping options for dogs and cats to meet the different preferences of your pets.

Beds and sofas for dogs and cats
To offer your dog or cat an optimal sleeping place, you will find high-quality cat beds, dog beds, cat sofas and dog sofas made of plastic, cotton, leather or wood in all possible designs, variations and combinations. The beds or sofas can be customised with dog blankets, cat cushions or mats to further increase the comfort for your four-legged friend.

Cat cave and cat basket
Cats like to hide or retreat, so cat dens and cat baskets make the perfect retreat for your little tiger. The caves come in unusual designs, such as those with the appearance of a shark or a designer piece to match your home.

Heated loungers
It's no secret that cats like to be warm and cosy. A heated couch is easy to attach to your heater and serves as a resting place for your cat. In winter, your cat will be warm and cosy right next to the heater. In our assortment you will find such couches in different materials, colours and shapes.