An aquarium is a container in which fish and aquatic plants can live. In aquaristics, the aquarium is also used to breed fish or underwater plants. Aquariums differ in volume size, shape, color, material and the type of water kept in it. To ensure that the aquarium always has the optimal water, a pump is connected, which sucks out the water, passes through the water filter and is pumped back out into the aquarium. In our assortment you will also find the right accessories for your aquarium such as: Water filter, water care, aquarium lighting, aquarium decor, pumps, thermometers and cleaning utensils. It is said that the bigger the aquarium, the easier it is to maintain.

What are the aquarium types?

What is a community aquarium?
The community aquarium is one of the most popular aquariums. In it you can breed and keep fish as well as underwater plants. If you don't have much experience with aquariums, the community aquarium is a good choice for you. When choosing fishes, you should consult a professional, because not all fishes get along with each other.

What is a nano aquarium?
Nano aquariums are small aquariums that can hold 10 to 40 liters of water. Nanoaquariums are not suitable for keeping fish. Instead, the nanoaquarium is suitable for shrimp and underwater plants. The nano aquarium can also be used as a small biotope. Thanks to its small size, the nano aquarium does not take up much space.

What is a species aquarium?
Unlike the community aquarium, only one species of fish lives in the species aquarium. Either freshwater or saltwater fish. In the species aquarium you have the advantage that you can design this aquarium according to the needs and habitats of your fish species. There are fish that cannot harmonize with other fish and get sick. Or they attack other fish species. Therefore it makes sense to keep for example predatory fish in a species aquarium.

What is the difference between a freshwater aquarium and a saltwater aquarium?
When buying an aquarium, you can choose between two types of water: Freshwater or Saltwater or Seawater. The most popular water type of the two is freshwater. Freshwater aquariums are easier to maintain and are already offered in inexpensive complete sets. Water treatment for freshwater aquariums is simple. You need tap water with certain additives to achieve a certain PH value and to breed bacteria. For beginners freshwater aquarium is the right choice.

In saltwater aquarium, the maintenance and water treatment is greater than in freshwater aquarium. The aquarium water must be desalinated and then mixed with a certain salt mixture. Accordingly, special equipment such as a protein skimmer is needed for the treatment. Most fish and underwater plants require special lighting and nutrition in salt water.