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    The trouble with grass: when your four-legged friend struggles with pollen

    by Darina Schweizer

Animal care + Supplies

Our assortment offers you a wide range of animal care products for different animals. Whether dog, cat, fish, rodent, reptile, bird or horse: there is something for everyone. Depending on the application, you can choose the right care product for eyes, fur claws, ears, paws, teeth and the intimate area.

As many variations there are in animal care products, you will also find different variations in the forms of care products. You can choose from our range of creams, liquids, shampoos, sprays, drops, oils, deodorants and gels.
In the filter you have the possibility to select the respective properties of the care product such as antibacterial, health-promoting, hygienic, cleaning, washable and machine-washable.

We also offer a range of care utensils. Here is a list of our utensils: bag, collection bag, brush, nappy, comb, pad, scissors, clipper, sander changeable insert, protective pants and pliers. Have a look through our assortment and you will surely find something for you and your quadruped.