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Zalto - Denk' Art (74cl, Set of 6, Red wine)

Zalto - Denk' Art (53cl, Set of 6, universal)

Zalto - Denk' Art (25cl, Set of 6, Sparkling wines)

Gabriel-Glas - StandArt (51cl, Set of 6, universal)

Nachtmann - Noblesse (Whisky, 2.95dl, 4x)

Schott Zwiesel - Classico Set (Distilled beverage, 0.95dl, 6x)

Gabriel-Glas - Gold Edition (51cl, Set of 6, universal)

Menu - New Norm Wine Breather (1l)

Schott Zwiesel - Taste (set of 18, universal)

relaxdays - Moscow Mule (Water, Beer, Red wine, White wines, cocktail, 5dl, 2x)

Nachtmann - Noblesse (Long Drink, 3.75dl, 4x)

Mahoo - Stainless steel straw

Schott Zwiesel - Pure (40.80cl, White wines)

adorini - Chianti Deluxe

Zalto - Denk' Art (53cl, universal)