Window films

Window films offer a versatile solution for enhancing the privacy and appearance of your glass windows and doors. Whether you seek to increase seclusion, block harmful UV rays, or simply add a decorative touch to your living or working space, window films are an efficient and cost-effective option. Customers who are looking to keep prying eyes at bay without sacrificing natural light often turn to frosted or privacy window films. Others may opt for mirror or tinted films to reduce glare and heat, or select decorative varieties to add style to their environment. The DIY nature of these products makes them a favorite among homeowners and renters alike.

When shopping for window films, one of the most important properties to consider is the length. Typical films come in lengths of around 60cm, which can be cut to fit smaller panes or joined for larger windows. The width of the film is also crucial, as it determines how much coverage you can get from a single piece. Thickness can play a role in durability and ease of installation, while the adhesive type—static cling versus permanent adhesive—will affect the film's removability and reusability. The level of opacity is another key factor, dictating the balance between privacy and light transmission.

Our collection includes top brands that cater to a variety of needs and aesthetics. Trenddeko is highly sought-after for their frosted glass film privacy screens, providing an elegant frosted appearance while obscuring the view into your space. Gardinia's window films offer a blend of simplicity and functionality, ideal for those who want a straightforward application. D-C-Fix is renowned for their mirror window films that not only guarantee privacy but also contribute to energy savings by reflecting sunlight. VidaXL's Clary line showcases resilience and versatility, suitable for both residential and commercial use. Infactory provides innovative privacy screen options that are perfect for renters as they are easy to apply and remove without leaving a residue. Whether you prioritize privacy, UV protection, or design, our selection of window films has something to fit every requirement.