Best Zone Denmark products in the Toothbrush tumblers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Zone Denmark products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Zone Denmark Nova One

Toothbrush cup Nova One Grey, colour: grey, material: stone, stoneware with soft-touch surface.

2. Zone Denmark Ume

Ume is the Japanese word for plum tree. The elegant line was designed by the designer trio VE2. In combination with other products and colours from the Ume series, you can create a stylish bathroom that is very inviting. 

3. Zone Denmark Nova

Nova bathroom series. These bathroom accessories dare something - because their designer Thomas Dudzinski imposes harmonious curves on them that charmingly break with the contemporary austerity of straight lines. And what pleases the eye, one wants to touch gladly also. In addition, the finely sprayed rubber layer, called "Soft Touch", supports the urge to touch the haptically pleasant surfaces of the bathroom accessories. Zone® Denmark supplies soap dispensers, soap dishes, toilet brushes and toothbrush cups in a wide range of colours from classic white to vibrant lime to modern black! All bathroom accessories can be combined with the optionally available Confetti bathroom series. Nova cup. Such a cup is always a good idea in the bathroom - some use it as a toothbrush cup, others just put their toothbrush (or cream tubes!) in it. However used, Zone® Denmark also provides the porcelain toothbrush cup with a haptically pleasant rubber layer for better and safer gripping. 

4. Zone Denmark Solo

The Danish design with character delights with a surface of soft-touch porcelain that is pleasant for eyes and fingers. Stow your toothbrushes and other utensils in this stylish cup, which fits perfectly into any bathroom. With its strong colour, the dispenser creates a feeling of luxury and wellness. 

5. Zone Denmark Zone toothbrush cup UME green

Ume bathroom series. Brings back natural elegance, charm and strength of the Japanese "plum" as stoneware into the bathroom: VE2 take up the trendy material for Zone® Denmark, combine it with the "softtouch" coating on plastic parts, which is already typical for the Danish brand. No aggressive cleaning agents should be used to clean the surfaces, clear water is sufficient. And VE2 does not venture far away from the trendy, minimalist, Scandinavian design in other respects either, but in this bathroom series, vertical lines dominate with gentle floor curves to match the haptically pleasant surface:

Ume Mug. Zone® Denmark delivers a classic tumbler without division: Thus, the toothbrush tumbler can be used classically as a mouth tumbler for drinking and rinsing after brushing your teeth instead of just as a holder for toothbrushes.

Award reddot design award 2018.

6. Zone Denmark Storage Box Ume White

Detail color: White, Product type: Storage box, Detail material: Earthenware, Base material: Ceramic.

7. Zone Denmark UME

Ume is the Japanese word for plum tree. The elegant line was created by the designer trio VE2. In combination with other products and colours from the Ume series, a stylish bathroom can be created that is very inviting. 

8. Zone Denmark Toothbrush Mug Rim Black

Detail color: Black, Detail material: Plastic, Base material: Plastic.

9. Zone Denmark Toothbrush Mug Ume Taupe

Detail colour: Taupe, Detail material: Stoneware, Base material: Stoneware.

10. Zone Denmark Toothbrush Mug Ume Olive Green

Detail colour: Olive green, Detail material: Earthenware, Base material: Earthenware.