Best spirella products in the Shower curtain rail category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best spirella products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. spirella Decor

SPIRELLA's DECOR stepless bar is made of scratch-resistant aluminium. This rod can be easily clamped. Drilling is no longer necessary. Ideal for shower curtains or other curtains as room dividers. 

2. spirella Surprise

Ces glisseurs pour rideau SPIRELLA sont conçus pour les rideaux de douche SURPRISE de SPIRELLA. Son système de glisseurs à clic offre une solution facile et élégante concernant la suspension des rideaux de douche. Le set de rechange contient cinq glisseurs pour rideau. Il vous suffit de les insérer dans la tringle. Dans un premier temps, il vous faudra retirer le couvercle de fermeture de la tringle, insérer les glisseurs pour rideau puis replacer le couvercle de fermeture. 

3. spirella Anello

The shapely design with ornamental balls looks noble and elegant. The set consists of twelve chrome rings. They match the shower curtain rails from Spirella - these are also available in the online shop. 

4. spirella C-minor

Practical C-opening makes it easier for you to attach the shower curtain, 12 pieces.

5. spirella Ringo

12 curtain rings

6. spirella Magic


7. spirella Shell Clip

For mounting on the wall.

8. spirella Minor

Set of 12 shower curtain rings from Spirella. Convenient installation and removal thanks to small opening. C-shaped design that makes it easy to slide the shower curtain over the rod. Durable, lightweight and easy to use. 

9. spirella SURPRISE


10. spirella Slim

Set with 12 curtain rings.