Toilet seats

A toilet seat is a hinged unit consisting of seat and lid which is bolted onto a toilet bowl for a flush toilet. A toilet seat consists of the seat itself, which is contoured for the user to sit on, and the lid, which covers the toilet when it is not in use. 

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Belair - Aktivcarbon-Filtereinsatz

diaqua - Rouen

Cornat - Familiy Neo

diaqua - Lyon

diaqua - formica

Kleine Wolke - Rosemarie

RS Pro - Black thermoplastic toilet seat

reer - WC-Cover für Schwangere

diaqua - Weiss

MSV - Seestern

diaqua - Clichy Slow Down

diaqua - Brass

diaqua - Madrid Copper

diaqua - Toilet seat TINO Family liner children, white

Wenko - Ottana