Storage containers + Lunch boxes

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    Five ways Tupperware changed our lives

    by Patrick Vogt

Storage containers + Lunch boxes

Storage can, often called Tupperware, can be used to store, transport and stow food. When choosing your tin, pay attention to the purpose as well as the material. Tupper made of plastic are also suitable for the microwave or freezer. If it's made of glass, you can also use it in the oven. Some tins are made of metal - often those are chosen when plastic is not used. Do you have little space? Then stackable storage tins are suitable. Pastry tins keep your Mailänderli and cinnamon stars fresh and crisp. Coffee tins preserve the flavor of your beans, because air takes away their aroma. Flour, pasta, spices and other foods are best stored in a storage jar with a tight lid after opening to protect them from food moths.