Slatted bed bases

We offer slatted bed frames to go with your new mattress. We have bed bases and slatted bed frames in different sizes and with various functions and feature brands such as Billerbeck, Roviva, Superba, Tempur, Johann Jakob, BICO and many more.

There are three different types of bed frames: spring wood frames, plate-slatted frames and roll-up slats.

Spring wood frames, the most popular type of slatted bed frame, are made of wood, often beech or birch. Beech remains elastic and stable for longer.

The choice of slatted frame depends on the bed frame. A roll-up slat needs to be able to rest on the entire length of the bed. Spring wood frames and plate-slatted frames only need your bed to have a support in the corners.

We have slatted bed frames in various sizes. The common sizes are: 90x200cm, 120x200cm, 140x200cm, 160x200cm and 180x200 cm.

From a width of 160cm and larger, a double bed is equipped with two slatted frames. This allows couples to choose a slatted frame each and buy one that's ideal for their needs and weight.Beech remains elastic and stable for longer.

Slatted frames, just like mattresses, also have zone divisions and degrees of hardness for shoulders, hips and middle zone.

It's important that your mattress and your new slatted bed frame are a good match. Spring mattresses shouldn’t be used with adjustable slatted frames. For adjustable slats, use foam and latex mattresses.

To find an adjustable slatted frame, use the filter «slatted frame adjustability». You can adjust your slatted frame manually or alternatively with a motor. To find the right option, use the filter «electronically adjustable».

Before you buy a new slatted bed frame, make sure it fits your bed frame and consider the weight class and zone division.

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