Laundry baskets

Where to put your dirty laundry? Ideally, your washing is stored in a container to avoid the worn clothes being scattered around your room, on your chest of drawers or the bathroom floor. Buy a laundry basket that’s foldable or collapsible. This will allow you to transport the laundry directly to the place where your washing machine is or simply to temporarily store it. Other wash basket models have handles to hold them by or to hang them up. Some dirty clothes collectors have a particularly clever feature that is different compartments to separate your laundry into dark and light wash. Versions with a lid keep unpleasant odours under lock and key. You can choose between round or square, colourful or patterned, fabric or plastic, with wheels or legs. The design and material is a matter of your personal taste. Clothes hampers made of wood or bamboo are particularly popular. Our best-selling colours are subtle white, grey and black. The best-known brands are Brabantia, Bloomingville, Spirella, Kleine Wolke, Koziol, Wenko, relaxdays, Kis, Möve or Vipp. Our wide range includes a selection of wash baskets for a small or large budget and features anything from handy laundry containers to trendy laundry bags.