Gift wrap

It's a well-known fact that giving presents is a pleasure. That's why we have gift boxes for every occasion, every mood and every budget. Filter through the different products, patterns and sizes to find the one you want.

Wrap your gift with wrapping paper and make it a feast for the eyes! From festive treats to wedding anniversaries and birthday celebrations, you'll find everything it takes to make your gift stand out.
Gift wrap adds that extra sparkle to a pretty gift without robbing the recipient of the unwrapping experience.

Not big on wrapping?
Gift boxes and gift bags are the ideal solution for those who lack tact and patience when it comes to wrapping. The robust gift box is available in different sizes and designs. Gift bags also meet special requirements and favour creative packaging solutions.

Your gift still needs that little bit extra?
We won't let you down with gift decorations either. Decorate your gifts with ribbons in different colours and materials and give them your own personal touch with an individual gift decoration.