Garden tables + Balcony tables

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Garden tables + Balcony tables

Outdoor gatherings and al fresco dining are elevated experiences when furnished with the right garden and balcony tables. These tables not only provide a functional surface for placing food and drinks but also act as a central piece that brings together the aesthetic of outdoor living spaces. Customers seeking garden tables typically aim to accommodate guests and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, while those looking for balcony tables often prioritize space-saving designs suitable for smaller areas.

Subtypes within the range of these table types include Individual tables, which offer flexibility and personalization for specific garden layouts, often used as centerpieces or side tables. Garden bar sets are perfect for those who love entertaining, providing a higher table surface for standing or bar stool seating, and often come with matching stools. Balcony hanging tables are ingenious space-savers, designed to attach to railings, maximising the use of limited space without sacrificing functionality. Finally, Garden sets provide a cohesive look with matching tables and chairs, ensuring a harmonious design and hassle-free selection for the whole outdoor dining space.

When choosing the perfect table, customers should consider shape and material group as important properties. The typical shape is rectangular, which provides ample space and fits comfortably in most garden layouts, accommodating families and groups. Material group, with metal being a common choice, offers durability for all weather conditions and ensures longevity of the tables. Metal tables also often come with diverse finishes and styles to suit any outdoor décor theme.

In the arena of garden and balcony tables, we present a selection of esteemed brands. Giardimo shines with its Light table, offering contemporary design and versatility. Giardimo Atelier brings timeless aesthetics to the fore with its Karl table, reminiscent of artisan craftsmanship. The VidaXL Salon de jardin is perfect for those who seek a modern and stylish garden lounge set. Casaria caters to traditional and practical needs with its sturdy Beer tent set, an excellent choice for gatherings and celebrations. For a touch of sophistication, Giardimo LAB’s Retro table merges sleek lines with a classic feel, a statement piece for any outdoor space. Each brand offers distinct properties aimed at enhancing your outdoor living experience, ensuring there is a garden or balcony table to match every style and functional need.