Clothes stands

The first impression counts. You open the door for your guests and take their coats off. A clothes stand keeps the entrance area tidy, creates a homely atmosphere and welcomes your guests. Hats, caps, scarfs, coats, jackets – a clothes stand or clothes rack is ideal to put all your favourite items on display and keep them tidy. A clothes stand is also useful in the bedroom. After all, who doesn't know that chair that's covered in clothes? This doesn't look good and is also not practical at all. Hang all these items on a coat stand or clothes stand and you know exactly what's there and your clothes look neat and tidy. Before buying one, think about what you need the clothes stand for. Clothes racks with a pole are suitable for blouses, shirts, dresses and the like, as they allow you to hang garments up on a coat hanger and keep them from crumpling. However, if you have little space and need the coat rack for coats, jackets, scarfs and the such, a coat rack with hooks is ideal. Additional features can be wheels, umbrella stand or shoe rack. Browse through our range of clothes stands, which features products from brands such as Jan Kurtz, Kartell, Normann Copenhagen, Roomsafari, Wenko or Zeller Present and find the right clothes stand for your needs.