Bath seats + Shower chairs

Bathtub seats, stools and shower seats are practical daily aids for the personal hygiene of elderly and disabled people. Standing in the shower or bathtub for extended periods of time on a wet and slippery floor can be very challenging, depending on physical condition. These seats are therefore valuable aids that make showering or bathing easier and offer more safety and stability in the bathroom. In our online store, you will find a wide selection of shower stools and bath seats from the well-known brands Ridder, Schulte, TecTake, Diaqua and many more. Bathtub seats and bathtub boards can be placed on the edge of the bathtub for immediate use. Some models still require a few set screws to be attached, but this can also be done without drilling. The bath seat, which allows you to shower comfortably in a seated position, is particularly suitable for households without a shower cubicle. As no fixed installation is required, the bath seats can be easily transported, for example on vacation. The bathtub seats have several holes and sometimes even a recess for private parts so that water can easily drain off after use. They have a non-slip seat and are made of easy-care, skin-friendly material. When purchasing a bath seat, pay special attention to the width of the seat or your bathtub so that the seat does not become an unstable hazard. Shower stools or seats are suitable for people for whom prolonged standing in the shower is a major effort. These people are usually elderly, have illnesses, physical disabilities or lower body injuries. The shower stool is a simple and practical accessory that allows you to shower safely in a sitting position. Of course, these seats can also be used in the bathtub. Depending on the model, there is usually a distinction between shower stools and shower chairs. While shower stools are often simpler models with three or four legs and a normal-sized seat, shower chairs offer more comfort with additional seats and armrests, or even a backrest or drain hole. Not all chairs look like medical products; sometimes the emphasis is on design, but the primary function is overlooked. Shower stools and chairs have many advantages. They have non-slip rubber feet that provide stability on wet floors and height-adjustable stainless steel legs that allow for adjustment to the user's height. The non-slip seating surfaces are made of easy-care, skin-friendly plastic with water drainage holes or slots. These products are also easy to clean; they tolerate just about any common cleaning product, including disinfectants. Lightweight, movable shower stools can be used as a seat or storage surface when not in use in the bathroom. There are models that can be forgotten and taken on vacation. Most models are very robust with a high maximum load capacity of at least 100 kg. A folding seat, another way to facilitate the shower, Unlike the shower stool, the folding seat is screwed to the wall to be folded or raised at any time. is a folding seat for the shower taking little space, but the installation is intended for a longer period. They are therefore suitable for households that need a seat as an aid for most showers.