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1. 12 Rules For Life

How can we survive in the modern world? Bestselling author Jordan B. Peterson answers this question humorously, surprisingly, and informatively. He explains why we should leave children alone while skateboarding, what cruel fate befalls those who criticize everything too quickly, and why we should always pet cats we encounter on the street. But what, pray tell, does the nervous system of a lobster tell us about our chances of success in life? Dr. Peterson discusses concepts like discipline, freedom, adventure, and responsibility, and condenses truth and wisdom of the world into 12 practical rules for living. 

12 Rules For Life (Jordan B. Peterson, German)

12 Rules For Life

Jordan B. Peterson, German


2. Spare

The moment has come for Harry to finally tell his story. It was one of the most moving images of the 20th century: two boys, two princes, walking behind their mother's coffin as the world watches in grief and horror. At Princess Diana's funeral, billions of people wondered what the princes were thinking and feeling at that moment - and what course their lives would take from that moment on. For Harry, now is the moment to finally tell his story. In its undisguised, unflinching candour, "Reserve" is a unique book full of insights, admissions, self-reflection and the hard-won conviction that love can conquer grief forever. 

3. The German spelling

With its 5,000 new words, the "Duden - Die deutsche Rechtschreibung" now offers 140,000 keywords with over 500,000 meanings and additional information on word division, pronunciation, grammar, etymology and style. The rules are presented in an easily understandable manner and provided with practical examples. In addition, there are detailed special entries on cases of doubt and stumbling blocks of the German language, tips for good German as well as information on modern text design. 

The German spelling (Duden editorial office, German)

The German spelling

Duden editorial office, German


4. The book you wish your parents had read...

In her bestseller, Philippa Perry explains what really matters between parents and children. The experienced psychotherapist reveals how we do not pass on painful experiences from our own childhood, but heal them. If we become aware that our own upbringing also influences our relationship with our children, we can learn from mistakes - and make amends for them. We learn how to break out of negative behaviour patterns and how to deal with impulsive feelings. 

The book you wish your parents had read... (Philippa Perry, German)

The book you wish your parents had read...

Philippa Perry, German


5. Piper Breath - breath

New knowledge about the forgotten art of breathing - The New York Times bestseller.

Piper Breath - breath (James Nestor, German)

Piper Breath - breath

James Nestor, German


6. Bullet Journal Sticker Book

That certain something! The art of the bullet journal also works without decorative elements, but it is much more beautiful with. For this reason, the individual Bullet Journal is actually only complete when it contains pretty stickers and decorations. In "Bullet Journal - Sticker Book" you will find over 500 colorful stickers for decoration. Among them are stickers for all occasions in your own planner: decorative elements, banners, flags, letterings and many more. Thus, the monthly and weekly planning is not only facilitated, but also beautified at the same time. 

7. Handlettering exercise book

Get to your pens and start climbing. The exercise booklet to the book offers plenty of space for your own creations of letters and words. - Compact overview of the basics - instructions for different fonts - lots of space for practising and trying out. 

Handlettering exercise book (Katja Haas, German)

Handlettering exercise book

Katja Haas, German


8. (Almost) Everything explained simply

How does the universe work? And who invented it? A wild trip through the great discoveries of astrophysics, chemistry and biology by science journalist and science star Niklas Kolorz. Knowledge about what holds the world together at its core is not only the result of outstanding research by brilliant minds, but also a consequence of crazy coincidences and absurd ideas. It is precisely this highly entertaining and crazy side of science and its stories that the young science star and science journalist Niklas Kolorz is dedicated to. He accompanies Pythagoras, Marie Curie and Albert Einstein as they make their groundbreaking discoveries almost by chance, tells about the crazy peculiarities of Isaac Newton on his way to knowledge or observes the impact of the asteroid that heralded the end of the dinosaurs. The wild ride through the bizarre history of epochal discoveries leads us directly to the present and answers the big questions along the way: Where do we come from? What is the universe made of? And what will happen in the future? Niklas Kolorz is a science journalist who explains fascinating phenomena from astronomy, physics and chemistry to an audience of millions on TikTok. But even more: he also sheds light on the people and their stories behind the great findings of natural science. With passion, Niklas Kolorz tracks down the most bizarre stories and wondrous characters in the history of science. 

(Almost) Everything explained simply (Niklas Kolorz, German)

(Almost) Everything explained simply

Niklas Kolorz, German


9. Frida Kahlo. The Complete Paintings

Few women artists have gone down in art history, and none rose as meteorically as the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. She is one of the key figures of Mexico's pioneering modernism and, as an artist, a trailblazer for issues such as gender justice, sexuality and feminism. In this XXL... 

Frida Kahlo. The Complete Paintings (Andrea Kettenmann, Luis-Martín Lozano, Marina Vázquez Ramos, English)

Frida Kahlo. The Complete Paintings

Andrea Kettenmann, Luis-Martín Lozano, Marina Vázquez Ramos, English


10. The great textbook of chart analysis

This is how chart analysis really works! Stefan Salomon, top specialist for chart analysis and candlesticks in the German-speaking world, shows how everyone can learn to trade successfully after just a short practice. You neither need a business education nor do you need highly professional charting software to be successful on the stock market. Pencil and ruler are the best tools to analyze the markets, whether stock, commodity or currency markets. The focus is on chart analysis as part of technical analysis as well as its fundamentals. Great importance is attached to presenting techniques of this method that are as simple and comprehensible as possible, techniques that can be carried out by any investor and that can be learned without a great deal of time, but which can be applied extremely successfully. The advanced trader and the professional investor will also find useful suggestions here. Included is also a complete workbook with 50 exercises on trend and formation analysis and candlesticks, including solutions. This way, you can quickly familiarize yourself with the subject matter, with chart technique, in order to then try your hand at the stock market yourself. 

The great textbook of chart analysis (Stefan Solomon, German)

The great textbook of chart analysis

Stefan Solomon, German