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1. Tastenzauberei, m. Audio-CD. Bd.2

A magical introduction to piano playing!|This is keyboard magic:|for children from pre-school and primary school age|both for individual and group lessons|cross-entry into the work with each of the volumes is possible|child-friendly learning pace|motivation of the pupils through appealing design and|smiley stickerchildren's learning pace|motivation of the pupils through the appealing design and|smiley stickers as a candy|many pieces (often for four hands for pupil and teacher or two pupils)professional play-along and demo CDs, recorded by the author herself|In volume 2, the tonal range is expanded and the|piano technique is refined with the same means, the theoretical knowledge is expanded and in addition|suggestions for improvising and composing are given.|Songlist:|1. race [Aniko Drabon]|2. ball game [Aniko Drabon]|3. on the seesaw [Aniko Drabon]|4. through hill and dale [Aniko Drabon]|5. cloud pictures [Aniko Drabon]|6. balloons [Aniko Drabon]|7. dino plays the drums [Aniko Drabon]|8. Swimming [Aniko Drabon]|9. Dance of the Tail [Aniko Drabon]|10. A Little Night Music [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart]|11. Little Dance [Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart]|12. Flea Waltz [Aniko Drabon]|13. Hurry and Wait [Aniko Drabon]|14. Catch Me! [The Moon Has Risen [Aniko Drabon]|17. The Wind [Aniko Drabon]|18. Hungarian Leap Dance [Aniko Drabon]|19. Bird Cha Cha [Aniko Drabon]|20. Major or Minor? [The Sea [Aniko Drabon]|21. Car Racing [Aniko Drabon]|23. Brother Jacob [Aniko Drabon]|24. What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor [Aniko Drabon]|25. Bella Bimba [Aniko Drabon]|26. Tarantella [Aniko Drabon]|27. Allegretto [Anton Diabelli]|28. The Locomotive Continues [Anton Diabelli]|29. Turkish March [Anton Diabelli]|30. The Monkeys Race Through the Forest [Aniko Drabon]|31. Lullaby [Aniko Drabon]|32. The Flying Carpet [Aniko Drabon]|33. Gondell Song [Aniko Drabon]|34. Two Little Wolves [Aniko Drabon]|35. The Travelling Monkey (the keys) [Aniko Drabon]|36. Little Sonata [Charles Henry Wilton]|37. Old Song [Daniel Gottlob Türk]|38. Eurovision Melody [Marc-Antoine Charpentier]|39. New Song [Aniko Drabon]|40. Message from Outer Space [Aniko Drabon]|41. Martian [Aniko Drabon]|42. Indian Dance [William Gillock]|43. scherzo [Anton Diabelli]|44. bunny blues [Aniko Drabon]|45. bear boogie [Aniko Drabon]|46. gentle waves [Aniko Drabon]|47. rock of thirds [Aniko Drabon]|48. rondino [Anton Diabelli]|49. a sad day at school [Aniko Drabon]|50. holidays at last! [Anton Diabelli] 

Tastenzauberei, m. Audio-CD. Bd.2 (Aniko Drabon, German)
21.90 CHF

Tastenzauberei, m. Audio-CD. Bd.2

Aniko Drabon, German

2. Money

More than 10 years have passed since his last release in Germany, now Anthony Robbins is back. As a personal trainer, he advised personalities such as Bill Clinton and Serena Williams and a global audience of millions, now devoting his attention to finance. Based on extensive research and interviews with more than 50 star investors, such as Warren Buffett or star hedge fund manager Carl Icahn, Robbins has developed the best strategies for private financial protection. His work combines the expertise of successful financial market players and his consulting experience. Even complex investment strategies are explained in an understandable manner without sacrificing precision. In 7 steps to financial independence - practical and feasible for everyone. 

3. The book you wish your parents had read...

In her bestseller, Philippa Perry explains what really matters between parents and children. The experienced psychotherapist reveals how we do not pass on painful experiences from our own childhood, but heal them. If we become aware that our own upbringing also influences our relationship with our children, we can learn from mistakes - and make amends for them. We learn how to break out of negative behaviour patterns and how to deal with impulsive feelings. 

The book you wish your parents had read... (Philippa Perry, German)
14.60 CHF

The book you wish your parents had read...

Philippa Perry, German

4. The Watch Book Rolex

Languages: German, English, French
- For the anniversary: now including new models of the Submariner (70 years) and the Daytona (60 years)
- The standard work
in a revised and expanded edition, NEW: additional digital content
- Curated by bestselling author and watch expert Gisbert L. Brunner.

Watch enthusiasts take note. The ultimate standard work on the Rolex brand is going into a new edition. "The Watch Book Rolex" has long been indisputably one of the best coffee-table books when it comes to the luxury watch brand.
In this superlative coffee-table book, Gisbert L. Brunner, known among experts as the "watch pope", illuminates the history of the chronometric legend Rolex. In his usual artistic style, he explains what makes this brand unique and to what extent it has contributed to the technical development of the wristwatch. From the first officially certified wristwatch, to the waterproof "Oyster" case, to the technically sophisticated models of modern times, Gisbert covers everything the reader needs to know about the Rolex brand in impressive pictures and highly informative yet entertaining texts.
In the third revised edition, the successful author has now also included the latest models of the legendary Submariner and Daytona series, the brand's traditional lines, which are already celebrating their 70th and 60th anniversaries.
But in this edition, Gisbert also addresses the particular challenges facing the watchmaking trade in the advancing 21st century. The business is confronted with the increasing shortage of skilled workers. The author highlights the innovative projects and programmes with which the luxury brand is countering this trend in order to be able to maintain its own standards of guarantee and service in the future.

Brand new and a special goodie for real watch fans is the additional digital content, which only owners of the illustrated book "The Watch Book.

5. Tastenzauberei, m. Audio-CD. Bd.1

A magical introduction to piano playing!|This is keyboard magic:|for children from pre-school and primary school age|both for individual and group lessons|cross-entry into the work with each of the volumes is possible|child-friendly learning pace|motivation of the pupils through the appealing design and|smiley stickers as a candy|many playing pieces (often four-handed for pupil and teacher or two pupils)Many games (often four-handed for pupils and teacher or two pupils) make keyboard magic a sonorous experience from the very beginning|Professional play-along and demo CDs, recorded by the author herself|In volume 1, children learn to read music with familiar elements such as colours, numbers and animals. With many riddles, games and improvisations|the elementary musical terms and basics of|piano technique are taught.|Songlist:|1. After the thunderstorm [Aniko Drabon]|2. Pitsche - patsch [Aniko Drabon]|3. Old Mac Donald [Aniko Drabon]|4. lantern, lantern [Aniko Drabon]|5. jingle bells [Aniko Drabon]|6. tomorrow Father Christmas comes [Aniko Drabon]|7. cuckoo, cuckoo [Aniko Drabon]|8. Reading Notes [Aniko Drabon]|9. The Magic Mirror [Aniko Drabon]|10. Mr. C [Aniko Drabon]|11. Rain Waltz [Aniko Drabon]|12. Fire [Aniko Drabon]|13. All Together [Aniko Drabon]|14. Legato - staccato [Aniko Drabon]|15. Pirate song [Aniko Drabon]|16. arrival of the pirates on dog island [Aniko Drabon]|17. music in the night [Aniko Drabon]|18. dance party [Aniko Drabon]|19. quarrel [Aniko Drabon]|20. gradeaus! [21. yankee doodle [Aniko Drabon]22. frog concert [Aniko Drabon]23. bells [Aniko Drabon]24. two woodpeckers [Aniko Drabon]25. happy birthday [Aniko Drabon]26. hopplaho! [Finger Sports [Aniko Drabon]|27. In the Rain [Aniko Drabon]|28. Unbelievable [Aniko Drabon]|30. Bear Dance [Aniko Drabon]|31. Dream Song [Aniko Drabon]|32. In the Circus [Aniko Drabon]|33. The Displace Sign [Aniko Drabon]|34. The Fish [Aniko Drabon]|35. The Broom [Aniko Drabon]|36. The Dissolve Sign [Aniko Drabon]|37. Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In [Aniko Drabon]|38. All the Birds Are Already Here [Aniko Drabon]|39. Big Ben [Aniko Drabon]|40. The Music Box [Aniko Drabon]|41. The Carousel [Aniko Drabon]|42. The Locomotive [Aniko Drabon]|43. Hokuspo Blues [Aniko Drabon]|44. To Joy (European Anthem) [Ludwig van Beethoven]|45. All My Little Ducks [Aniko Drabon]|46. Hop, Hop, Hop, Little Horse [Aniko Drabon]|47. The Car Ride [Aniko Drabon]. 

Tastenzauberei, m. Audio-CD. Bd.1 (Aniko Drabon, German)
20.60 CHF

Tastenzauberei, m. Audio-CD. Bd.1

Aniko Drabon, German

6. Power - The 48 Laws of Power

With over 200,000 copies sold, "Power - The 48 Laws of Power" by Robert Greene dominated the bestseller lists for months. Now the classic is available in a compact edition: concise, entertaining. Anyone who wants to have power must not dwell too long on moral scruples. Anyone who believes that the mechanisms of power need not interest him can be its victim tomorrow. Those who claim that power can also be attained by gentle means misjudge reality. This book is the Machiavelli of the 21st century, but also a historical and literary treasure trove full of surprises. 

Power - The 48 Laws of Power (Robert Greene, German)
22.– CHF

Power - The 48 Laws of Power

Robert Greene, German

7. Virgil Abloh. Nike. ICONS

From the Air Jordan 1 to the Air Presto, Nike and Virgil Abloh deconstruct 10 sneaker icons and create new stars in sneaker heaven with their collaboration "The Ten". Experience insights into technical ingenuity and Abloh's investigative design process - each shoe is a piece of product design, a readymade and a garment. 

Virgil Abloh. Nike. ICONS (Virgil Abloh, English)
59.90 CHF

Virgil Abloh. Nike. ICONS

Virgil Abloh, English

8. Shaolin Spirit

In this book, Shi Heng Yi offers insights into a previously unpublished form of the Shaolin tradition - applicable practices for everyday life, underpinned with perspectives to help you recognise the familiar in a new way.Shaolin Spirit - Master your life!Do you wish for more discipline, willpower, courage, perseverance and deeply felt loyalty? Shi Heng Yi offers you tools based on his own life path to make your life easier - by becoming stronger.The secret of inner strength is based on the virtues of Shaolin. Cultivating these step by step in your life is in truth so simple that anyone can follow Shi Heng Yi's teaching. Get to know your body and explore it - enrich your life with the methods that have been successfully practised for over 1500 years.Practical part: Strengthen body and mindLearn to become aware and stand, and feel the challenge this can present you with. Meet and train your virtues as well. The accompanying practical part of the book guides you through simple but no less effective exercises to discover your inner abilities.Shi Heng Yi teaches you in his book the essence of the Shaolin teachings, born out of his personal experience. If you take them to heart and integrate the impressions and practices into your everyday life, you can: take life into your own hands on a previously unknown and deeper level;learn to become more sensitive. Use the interplay of opposing forces, such as freedom and structure, spontaneity and planning, activity and passivity, to your advantage;Develop deep trust in life and discover answers that can only be found in your true selfYou can expect positive results - but practice patience.Experience true changeShi Heng Yi is convinced: More people live by the virtues. 

Shaolin Spirit (Stefanie Koch, Shi Heng Yi, German)
26.50 CHF

Shaolin Spirit

Stefanie Koch, Shi Heng Yi, German

9. Bookchair Flexilight Xtra Black - 2 LED Reading Lamp Book Lamp

The LED reading lamp Flexiight Xtra convinces with an extra-long neck and extra-bright light. Thanks to two economical but very bright LEDs, you can read without problems even in unfavourable lighting conditions. The long neck is flexible and illuminates even larger book formats completely. With the practical clip, the Flexilight Xtra can be attached to all books but also to music stands, shelves, etc. Thus, the lamp is suitable for many purposes. Operates with 2 CR2016 button cells (included). 

Bookchair Flexilight Xtra Black - 2 LED Reading Lamp Book Lamp (German)
14.40 CHF

Bookchair Flexilight Xtra Black - 2 LED Reading Lamp Book Lamp


10. Piper Life Rebel

It doesn't always have to be Plan AWhat makes me happy, how do I want to live and what do I want to spend my time on? The answers that Yvonne Eisenring finds to these questions lead to a completely different life plan than the one that society envisages for a young woman. The author makes new places her home, resists the traditional way of working and constantly reviews her list of priorities. Her unconventional path shows how exciting and fulfilling it can be to start afresh. The book encourages you to find out how you want to live and to rebel against the conventional use of time. 

Piper Life Rebel (Yvonne Eisenring, German)
25.– CHF

Piper Life Rebel

Yvonne Eisenring, German