Best Brother products in the Label makers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Brother products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Brother P-Touch Cube Plus

Compact, elegant and user-friendly are just some of the attributes that apply to this versatile device. The new P-touch Cube Plus label printer from Brother is perfectly tailored to the needs of users who want to print and design their own labels at home or in the office. The lithium-ion battery, low weight and space-saving dimensions make this thermal printer a mobile power pack for a wide range of applications. Simply unpack, insert and print - thanks to the plug-and-print principle, included P-touch editor and mobile app, printing and designing individual labels is child's play. Prints durable, color labels up to 24 mm wide. Compatible with PC and Mac (via USB) and Smartphones/Tablets (via Bluetooth). Integrated lithium-ion battery - no alkaline batteries required. Can be charged from any available USB port or USB charger. Prints labels up to 500 mm long. Can easily be used by multiple people in the same office thanks to its compact design. Contains over 1000 symbols and emojis, 23 fonts and 61 frames. System requirements: Android 4.1 or higher; iOS 9 or higher. 

2. Brother PT-H110

The P-touch H110 is a versatile labelling device that fits snugly in the hand thanks to its compact design and can be easily taken anywhere. So labels can always be created where they are needed, be it in the office or at home.

Fast and versatile: The PT-H110 is particularly easy to operate thanks to its separate text and number pad. Labels in 3.5, 6, 9 and 12 mm width are used. A large display, hundreds of symbols and characters, different printing types, frame variants and automatic band recognition offer excellent and versatile ease of use. In addition, up to 15 label templates can be stored on the device.

3. Brother PT-D210VP incl. case

The PT-D210VP enables the quick and easy production of durable labels for labelling plugs, folders, USB sticks, filing cabinets, CDs/DVDs and office equipment. Create labels for mailboxes, notice boards and shelves as well as name tags for employees or visitors.

Don't settle for simple labels anymore. With 27 built-in templates, you can now easily create attractive labels by simply typing and printing the text you want. The P-touch D210VP automatically adjusts the font style and font size, and the label is ready for gluing within seconds.

The 16-character graphical display allows you to view and select hundreds of icons and view the different fonts and frames in more detail than ever before. Before printing, you'll see a preview of the label to make sure it looks as you want it to.

Cassettes with laminated Brother TZe tape are available in a variety of colours and widths, giving you even more choice. Each label has a split liner that can be easily removed. These laminated writing tapes are extremely resistant and insensitive to extreme temperatures, sunlight, moisture, abrasion and chemicals.

Everything you need is included in the delivery: A power adapter to save on battery costs and a black-on-white tape cartridge means you can start producing labels right away. Everything is stored in a sturdy carrying case.

4. Brother P-Touch Cube

The whole design process runs via the P-touch Design&Print app - a free download for iOS and Android that allows you to develop your creativity and produce labels in many colors and sizes for use around your home. Choose from over 1000 icons and emojis, 23 fonts and 61 frames to include with your text.

The innovative Brother P-touch Cube is the new "keeper of order" that makes marking files, shelves, boxes, cans, etc. as simple and contemporary as never before: The smart marking device not only prints labels, but also gift ribbons quite simply "by finger wipe". It connects to iOS or Android devices via Bluetooth. With the free P-touch Cube Home Label App, Brother iPrint&Label or Cable Label Tool applications, you can create a variety of preset or individual TZe labels and ribbons in different sizes and new colours from your smartphone or tablet - in just a few quick touches and moments: The P-touch Cube up to 22 mm/sec - in clearly readable 180 dpi. The purist design of the P-touch Cube also provides clarity, but without lacking aesthetics or practical functions. These include a lateral label outlet, a manual cutting unit and an LED light that indicates the respective operating status of the elegant marking device.
Note: the power supply unit is not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately.

5. Brother PT-H100LB

The Brother P-touch H100LB is a compact, versatile handheld label maker for creating custom labels. The device has an ABC keyboard with separate number pad and prints up to 20 mm/second fast. TZe tapes in widths 3.5 - 12 mm can be inserted into the device. A variety of print and ribbon colours are available. Label your CDs, photos, trays, clothing and much more. Whether for home, school, office or hobby, the laminated TZe labels are smudge, weather and scratch resistant and are also suitable for outdoor labelling. Choose from 7 frames, 8 font styles, 178 symbols and 3 print sizes. For a very individual touch, the Deco mode as well as the Auto-Design function, whereby the labels can be designed in different variations. 

Brother PT-H100LB
Label makers
27.– CHF was 31.40 CHF

Brother PT-H100LB

6. Brother PT-P750W

The P-touch P750W is an advanced, yet easy-to-use Wi-F-enabled labeling device that allows everyone in your company to quickly design and print labels up to 24mm wide. You can label folders, archive documents, label backup media, label USB sticks and shelves, or design your own signage. With P-touch Editor 5 software, you can use the fonts installed on your PC, including images, icons, and barcodes, on labels, or you can download the iPrintAndLabel app to design or print labels from your smartphone or tablet. 

7. Brother P-touch D610BTVP

The PT-D610BTVP fulfils a wide range of labelling requirements. The extensive features make it a reliable partner in the office and in administration. In addition to use on a PC, the model can also design and print labels on a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The iPrint&Label app is available for this purpose. 

Brother P-touch D610BTVP
Label makers
93.50 CHF was 100.– CHF

Brother P-touch D610BTVP

8. Brother PT-P950NW

The PT-P950NW is ideal for use in production facilities, warehouses, laboratories and healthcare, thanks to a wide range of color combinations, tape widths up to 36 mm and printing at high speed/high resolution with virtually no margin. The required labels can be created anytime and anywhere.
You can connect this compact desktop label printer to your network via the 10/100 Base-TX network connection or via the integrated WLAN interface. An optional Bluetooth module makes it easy to connect to robust tablets and PCs.
You can also connect the device directly to your PC or Mac using a USB cable.
You can connect this compact desktop label printer to your network via the 10/100 Base-TX network connection or via the integrated WLAN interface. An optional Bluetooth module makes it easy to connect to robust tablets and PCs. You can also connect the device directly to your PC or Mac using a USB cable. The PT-P950NW uses the label design software P-touch Editor for Windows and Mac. The program includes advanced features that are usually found only in expensive desktop applications, such as industry-standard 1D and 2D barcodes, as well as importing logos and other graphics. Furthermore, all fonts installed on your computer can be used.
Linking to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or. csv files enables fast and efficient printing of a large number of labels.
You can print simple labels directly from your smartphone or tablet without having to start your PC. The Brother iPrint&Label app connects to the PT-P950NW via WLAN and allows you to design and print labels from your iOS or Android device.
Even if you need to label electrical or data cables or systems, you can use the specialized App Brother Cable Label Tool to print labels that can be wrapped around cables and attached to panels, distribution boxes, and other special devices.
Software and app developers have the ability to use different software development kits for Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android devices to enable printing within their own programs and apps. Thus, the PT-P950NW can be ideally integrated into different solutions if there is a need for resistant labels. A mains socket is not always within reach, for example on building sites or when using the label printer on a transport cart.
The PT-P950W has an optional battery base and a lithium-ion battery pack so you can print whenever and wherever you need it.
Ideal for the food, healthcare and laboratory applications, the optional control panel display lets you print labels without a PC connection. Design your labels and save them by assigning a specific button. The respective label can then be printed at any time by pressing the corresponding key. Furthermore, the integrated clock allows the insertion of the current time/date and other future data.
Ideal for expiration dates and labels with labeling of the print date.
Brother's TZe tape cartridges are available in a variety of widths and colours. The product range also includes special writing tapes, such as strong adhesive tapes, flexible ID tapes (for wrapping cable harnesses or creating flag labels), tamper-proof tapes and security tapes. These laminated writing bands are incredibly durable.
They have been designed to withstand extreme temperatures, sunlight, moisture, abrasion and chemicals and have been tested accordingly.

9. Brother PT-P700

The PT-P700 is the quick and easy to use marking device for professional requirements. Thanks to Plug&Play, no software or driver installation is required - thanks to the integrated P-touch Editor Lite software, labels are created and printed directly after connection. With a printing speed of up to 30 mm per second and a print resolution of 180 dpi, any requirements can be met professionally. With its compact and stylish design, the PT-P700 is easy to use on the desktop. TZe tape up to 24 mm wide and Brother's heat shrink tubing is used with the PT-P700. The unit has an automatic cutting unit which eliminates the need for manual operation. 

10. Brother PT-D610BTVP

Transform your office or business with a professional label printer from Brother. The PT-D610BTVP is a compact, easy-to-use label printer that prints clear, laminated labels in high resolution - for larger offices as well as retail stores. With its fast print speeds and automatic cutter, the PT-D610BTVP is perfect for organising important files and folders, managing assets, communicating product information or creating labels for inventory tracking.