Best Riva products in the Guidebooks category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Riva products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. The Airfryer Cookbook

Frying can now be done in a healthy way - with a hot air fryer, food can also be prepared in a low-fat way, as the Airfryer uses a stream of hot, circulating air instead of loads of oil or fat. The appliance can cook, fry and bake, making it easy to prepare a variety of dishes. 70 delicious, low-fat, quick and varied recipes are shown in this book - not just snacks, but main dishes and desserts too. Aromatic cauliflower popcorn, crispy chicken wings, crunchy falafels, wraps with fried vegetables, sweet potato fries or apple crumble - all this is no problem for the Airfryer. This is how low-fat cooking is done today - without long preheating and without unpleasant smells in the kitchen. 

The Airfryer Cookbook (Good Housekeeping, German)
16.70 CHF was 19.90 CHF

The Airfryer Cookbook

Good Housekeeping, German

2. All-rounder baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, food soda or sodium hydrogen carbonate, is a true all-rounder: it can be used as a remedy, cosmetic and cleaning agent. The alkaline powder balances the acid-base balance, has antiseptic and antifungal effects, has degreasing and deodorizing properties, and softens water. This book contains over 40 effective recipes against ailments such as heartburn, cystitis, stomach ulcers, skin and nail problems, as well as instructions for making cosmetic products such as shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste and environmentally friendly cleaning products - inexpensively and completely without chemicals and harmful fragrances. 

All-rounder baking soda (Penny Stanway, German)
13.90 CHF

All-rounder baking soda

Penny Stanway, German

3. Dog biscuits from the baking mat

Whether as a snack for in-between meals or as a reward for successful training - every dog loves delicious dog biscuits. It is therefore all the more important that owners know what is in the treats that their beloved four-legged friends get every day. This book offers 50 varied recipes for healthy treats without artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. With the help of the baking mat, making them is not only very easy, but also inexpensive. This baking book is the perfect companion for every dog owner and their four-legged friend! 

Dog biscuits from the baking mat (Patrick Rosenthal, German)
12.90 CHF

Dog biscuits from the baking mat

Patrick Rosenthal, German

4. Mamba Mentality

"I knew where I wanted to go and how much work was needed to reach that goal." Five NBA championship titles, two Olympic gold medals, 81 points in a single game, 20 years with the Los Angeles Lakers - these and numerous other milestones make Kobe Bryant one of the best basketball players of all time. In Mamba Mentality, Kobe "Black Mamba" Bryant provides an in-depth look into his mindset as a top athlete, explaining his meticulous approach to the game of basketball and the steps he took to prepare himself mentally and physically for peak athletic performance. He reveals how he studied his opponents, applied his passion to the game, and recovered from injuries. The combination of Bryant's narrative and the photographs of sports photographer Andrew D. Bernstein makes this book an unparalleled portrait of a legend. 

Mamba Mentality (Andrew D. Bernstein, German)
25.70 CHF

Mamba Mentality

Andrew D. Bernstein, German

5. "Take your own time" diary

Diary for more gratitude, self-reflection and mindfulness

Just a few minutes a day will change your mindset!
Gratitude and contentment are two invaluable companions
for a happy life. But far too often we only see the negative. Just a few minutes a day are enough to train a more positive view and to let it flow into your everyday life. This diary will help you to do this. It reminds you to take a little time for yourself every day, in which you focus entirely on the beautiful things.

Companion for 6 months
New habits take time and practice, and so do new ways of looking at things. Therefore, this diary covers a period of 6 months, during which you develop your own gratitude routine through daily repetitions.

Daily focus
Each day is illustrated on its own page. Questions about gratitude and self-reflection help you focus your thoughts on positive aspects. What am I grateful for? How can I make today positive? By repeating the questions, this perspective is practiced step by step. With a Habit Tracker you can track habits that should be integrated into your daily life. A mood scale allows you to positively evaluate your personal satisfaction.

Weekly reflection
A weekly page invites you to review the past week as well as make resolutions for the next week. What was I proud of this week? What do I wish for the coming week?

Monthly goal setting
Each month ends with a monthly tracker that you can use to record how much space you were able to give to the areas of your life that are important to you. You can also set your own priorities for the coming month. In this way, you learn to formulate your goals, visualize them by writing them down, and develop a strategy for achieving them by dividing them into stages.

"Take your own time" diary (Caro, German)
17.70 CHF

"Take your own time" diary

Caro, German

6. Meal Prep for weight loss

Clever pre-cooking and losing weightHow can you integrate a healthy and balanced diet into your everyday life in a time-saving and uncomplicated way and lose weight at the same time? It's easy with Meal Prep. With clever preparation and planning, you can cook calorie-reduced but still varied meals for the whole week. This way you can easily resist the calorie-rich and unhealthy temptations in the canteen, at the bakery or in the supermarket. The guide contains weekly plans for a six-week diet with over 60 delicious recipes, shopping lists, helpful tips and valuable information on storage. So it works out with the desire weight!. 

Meal Prep for weight loss (Veronica Pichl, German)
16.70 CHF

Meal Prep for weight loss

Veronica Pichl, German

7. Simply healthy cooking for children

With this cookbook, you can master everyday family life in a playful way. The varied cuisine, which is also suitable for beginners, contributes to a balanced diet for children of all ages. Whether vegetable or pasta dishes, raw vegetables, snacks or low-sugar desserts - parents will find everything for their kids, from breakfast to lunch to dinner: Avocado sandwiches, semolina porridge, creamy porridge, fine tomato soup, vegetable waffles, chickpea stew, tender beef roulade, hearty lasagne, baked pineapple and much more! Nutrition tips, kitchen tricks and ingredient info perfectly complement this uncomplicated family cookbook. 

Simply healthy cooking for children (Hademar Bankhofer, Susanne Dorner, German)
27.70 CHF

Simply healthy cooking for children

Hademar Bankhofer, Susanne Dorner, German

8. Yoga Anatomy 3D. Backbends and twisting postures

After the successful books by Ray Long, "Yoga Anatomy 3D: The Most Important Muscles" and "Yoga Anatomy 3D: The Postures", there are now 4 more volumes dedicated to all asanas. The volumes are yoga style comprehensive and work according to the modular principle. Each volume focuses on one group of asanas. The basic principle describes the biomechanical and physiological principles and their application in the postures. Finally, the individual postures are illustrated with colourful, three-dimensional illustrations of the skeleton and the most important muscles, ligaments and tendons. In addition, a list of movements and muscles is provided. Volume I deals with Vinyasa Flow (dynamic yoga style) and the postures. Volume II deals with the hip openers and bending forward. Volume III deals with the backbends and turning postures and Volume I. 

Yoga Anatomy 3D. Backbends and twisting postures (Ray Long, German)
26.70 CHF

Yoga Anatomy 3D. Backbends and twisting postures

Ray Long, German

9. Your cycle, your training

Train in harmony with your cycle
Are you just not managing to improve your training, no matter how hard you try? Are you struggling with inexplicable fluctuations
in performance? Are you often stressed and tired in everyday life? Is your period irregular or does it even stop altogether? Cycle-based training could be the solution for you!
During your cycle, your resilience as well as your hormone, energy and stress levels are subject to strong fluctuations. Training that is not tailored to this can reduce your performance, increase the risk of injury, exacerbate period pain and, in the worst case, lead to the loss of your period.
Lea Feder, a doctor-to-be, knows these problems only too well as a former competitive athlete. She helps you to better understand your own body in a detailed and descriptive way and shows you how you can optimise your training and everyday life to balance your hormones. She will support you:

- Tips for reducing stress
- Recommendations for a balanced diet and delicious recipes
- Information on the most important nutrients in the different phases of your cycle
- Intensive and relaxed training sessions
- Training plans for beginners and advanced athletes from endurance or strength sports

Your cycle, exactly your training!
With intentional cycle-based training, you can incorporate your individual requirements and needs into your workouts. This guarantees that you give your body exactly what it needs. So say goodbye to a lack of energy, fatigue, training plateaus or dips in performance in the long term. Cycle-based training is the motivational kick you need for sustainable and healthy training!

Your cycle, your training (Lea Feder, German)
25.– CHF

Your cycle, your training

Lea Feder, German

10. Ingenious cooking with the rice cooker

The rice cooker can do much more than just cook rice! With this all-rounder you can make minestrone, one-pot pasta, risotto, vegetable and meat dishes, porridge and even a chocolate cake. Discover 90 recipes that you can make quickly and effortlessly in the rice cooker. You only need a little preparation time for this - the appliance does the rest of the work for you. In no time at all, you'll have dishes that are as delicious as they are surprisingly different. 

Ingenious cooking with the rice cooker (Emilie Laraison, German)
23.70 CHF

Ingenious cooking with the rice cooker

Emilie Laraison, German