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On this page you'll find a ranking of the best GU products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Oven to go

The cooking and baking book for the iconic camping oven from OMNIA: the best recipes and tips and tricks for the oven on the flame.

Oven to go (Nico Stanitzok, German)
21.50 CHF

Oven to go

Nico Stanitzok, German

2. Cat clicker box

36 training cards, clicker and accompanying book.

In the GU cat clicker box you will learn the basics and you will learn step by step how to use the clicker for
basic training and trick training. You can combine the practical exercise cards and create new training units - and keep the description in mind during training.

- Clicker Training is a fantastic way to gently train new behaviours with your cat without any pressure

- The practical exercise cards can be combined individually and you can always create new training units

- including high-quality clicker

- Clicker Training is a great way to communicate with your cat precisely and without misunderstandings and to train new behaviour patterns

- With the help of positive reinforcement, your velvet paw learns how to use the cat flap, for example, or how to be examined by the vet in a relaxed manner

- Also tricks like retrieval are not missing

- This makes Clickern an ideal way to get a grip on problematic behaviour, even in the case of problems such as aggressiveness towards humans

The author also provides answers to common questions and offers solutions to problems.

Thanks to the included clicker, nothing stands in the way of immediate clicker enjoyment.

Cat clicker box (Birgit Rödder, German)
19.50 CHF

Cat clicker box

Birgit Rödder, German

3. Cocktail Classics

Whether in the wake of the retro wave or the return to pure taste - cocktail classics such as Caipirinha, Pina Colada, Cosmopolitan and Co. are on everyone's lips again. But how do you prepare them perfectly? What's the small, subtle difference between watery happy hour mass products and skilfully shaken classic drinks? The professional bartenders Helmut Adam, Jens Hasenbein and Bastian Heuser reveal them, the secrets of the high art of mixing: with the ultimate recipes of the most popular classics, entertaining stories about their origin and creation, and lots of insider tips for the very best taste in a glass - and all this without any incomprehensible technical jargon. Once you have mastered the preparation principles of the classic cocktails, they can be varied quite easily. That's why there are two trendy variants for every Classic Drink - to try out and to try yourself. 

Cocktail Classics (Jens Hasenbein, Bastian Heuser, Helmut Adam, German)
15.– CHF

Cocktail Classics

Jens Hasenbein, Bastian Heuser, Helmut Adam, German

4. Henssler's quickie

The fast and refined everyday cuisine presented on the basis of the personal favorite recipes of TV chef Steffen Henssler.

Henssler's quickie (Steffen Henssler, German)
25.80 CHF

Henssler's quickie

Steffen Henssler, German

5. Soul Master

The only book that combines the genius mindset with a cosmic spiritual approach - by success coach Maxim Mankevich.

Soul Master (Maxim Mankevich, German)
24.90 CHF

Soul Master

Maxim Mankevich, German

6. The Vagus Key to Trauma Healing

Finally heal attachment and developmental trauma

Almost everyone today is affected by attachment and developmental trauma. This frightening realization led the
well-known trauma therapist Gopal Norbert Klein to a simple, highly effective healing method, "Honest Sharing": We share with others, unfiltered, in a safe setting, what is perceptible within us.

Why is Honest Sharing so healing? Trauma arose because as a child we experienced not being okay in contact with our parents. Our nervous system went into a state of alarm that continues to this day. Healing now happens as soon as we finally experience contact with other people as safe. When we make the experience: No matter what is inside me, what thoughts, feelings, sensations I have - I am allowed to be like this. The vagus nerve is then activated, the nervous system harmonized. We feel relaxed and ready for life.

Gopal Norbert Klein enlightens and shows the way:

How do attachment and developmental traumas arise?
What exactly happens in a traumatized nervous system?
What role does the vagus nerve play?
How exactly does Honest Sharing work? The method is explained in detail step by step.
Advanced Honest Sharing is also explained.

An extremely helpful book on one of the most widespread self-help methods for trauma healing - informative, practical, encouraging.

With a foreword by GERALD HÜTHER.

The Vagus Key to Trauma Healing (Gopal Norbert Klein, German)
23.90 CHF

The Vagus Key to Trauma Healing

Gopal Norbert Klein, German

7. The big GU porridge-free cookbook

The first standard work on the subject on the German-speaking market - by the experts of the best-known blog breifreibaby.

The big GU porridge-free cookbook (Lena Merz, Annina Schäflein, German)
24.30 CHF

The big GU porridge-free cookbook

Lena Merz, Annina Schäflein, German

8. Educate without scolding

The modern guidebook, from the Spiegel bestseller list, by the most successful parenting author currently!..

Educate without scolding (Nicola Schmidt, German)
19.80 CHF was 24.90 CHF

Educate without scolding

Nicola Schmidt, German

9. The big book of sauces

Sauces are the icing on the cake of many dishes and the challenge par excellence in the kitchen - for professionals and amateur chefs. Sauces turn a simple dish into a unique treat for the palate and round off special dishes excellently. Essential are the choice of the right sauce and the skillful preparation!

Best raw materials

Find all the information you need about the most important ingredients for sauce preparation in the product guide. From bones, bones and carcasses to vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and spices as well as dairy products, oils and fats to wine and spirits as well as sweeteners and binders.

Perfect craft

Do you know one of the most important sauce ingredients? Time! Preparing the sauce base - stocks, jus, glace - requires plenty of time and patience, in addition to the best ingredients, to get as many flavors as possible into the sauce. But also kitchen techniques such as whipping sauces, for an airy consistency, the various ways of binding for velvety creamy results, as well as the whole world of seasoning and flavoring are presented here. And, of course, the preparation of basic sauces. Learn the sauce craft from the professional and experience his tricks of the trade.

Great recipes

Let yourself be seduced and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of sauces: whether it's roasted eggplant sauce with rabbit, pea-mint vinaigrette with barley risotto, Parmesan foam with tortellini, or orange-marzipan sauce with rosemary with crêpes - nine top chefs reveal their best recipes for meat, fish, and vegetables, as well as for pasta and sweet dishes. And on special workshop pages, there is much worth knowing about classics from the sauce kitchen, but also about new, unusual sauce creations.

Browse, read, cook - this book is a feast for all the senses!

The big book of sauces (Teubner, German)
85.70 CHF

The big book of sauces

Teubner, German

10. Slim with bread

High carb instead of low carb! With sure-fire recipes from professional baker Axel Schmitt, bread lovers can enjoy losing weight without having to give up carbohydrates. In a successful self-experiment, bread sommelier Axel Schmitt lost 10 kilos with the bread diet. Using a wide range of recipes full of variety and enjoyment, he shows what bread and bread rolls can do and helps you to improve not only your figure but also your baking skills. Thanks to plenty of fibre, long-chain carbohydrates and ingredients such as vegetables and nuts, yeast plait, pizza and the like become a miracle weapon - ideas for every meal and suitable low-calorie spreads. With scientifically based practical tips from nutrition specialist Dr Bergmann. 

Slim with bread (Axel Schmitt, German)
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18.10 CHF was 20.90 CHF

Slim with bread

Axel Schmitt, German