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When buying an office chair, the visual appearance usually plays a greater role than being able to adjust it according to your personal preferences. But considering that office workers sit on their chair for up to eight hours a day, the purchase of a comfortable and ergonomic desk chair is highly recommended.

In order to prevent health issues and to meet individual requirements, the office chair should have several adjustment options.

For dynamic sitting, the chair should have an adjustable seat and an ergonomic backrest that supports the back and gives it stability. Otherwise, neck and back pain can be the result. The height of the office chair is decisive when it comes to good posture. Although most office chairs feature stepless height adjustment, it's important that you can your arms are at a right angle when you rest them on your desk and your feet are firmly on the ground at the same time.

Additional flexibility is provided by a swivel function, rocker mechanism and wheels. Be sure to adjust the wheels to the surface they're used on (carpet or hard floor). In order to ensure that the wheels provide optimum grip, it may be advisable to purchase a floor protection mat.

If you tend to sit in an office chair for several hours at a time, it's advisable to opt for a breathable backrest. Compact materials, such as leather, may promote sweating and thus have a negative effect on comfort.

In our range of office chairs, executive chairs, office stools and desk chairs from manufacturers such as König & Neurath, Topstar, Giroflex, Beliani, GAUTIER OFFICE, Kartell and others, you're bound find the chair that is right for your home office use, your workplace or even for the children's room. Are you looking for a comfortable chair for gaming? Discover our complete range under «Gaming chairs».

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