Monitor mounts

Monitor brackets replace the feet that are usually supplied with the monitors if, for example, the monitor is mounted on a wall or ceiling. There are various sizes, shapes and colours of brackets, also allowing to mount single or multiple monitors or televisions. This can be convenient for certain home or work activities. There are height-adjustable, horizontal and vertical swivelling and tilting mounting solutions, whereby a distinction can also be made by mounting location (floor, ceiling, table or wall). When buying a monitor bracket, the maximum weight it can carry as well as the minimum or maximum monitor size have to be taken into account. The digitec range includes brackets by the brands Arctic, Ergotron, Manhattan, NewStar, edbak, Dell, InLine and HP. 

Testing NewStar's alternative to standing desks


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Arctic - Z1 Basic (Table, 38")

NewStar - Stand-sit workplace (Table, 32")

Icy Box - IB-MS313-T (Table, 32")

Arctic - Z2 Basic (Table, 27")

Ergotron - LX Desk Mount LCD Arm (Table, 34")

NewStar - FPMA-D960D (Table, 27")

Icy Box - IB-MS314-T (Table, 32")

NewStar - FPMA-D550DBLACK (Table, 32")

Arctic - Z2 Pro with USB 3.0 hub (Table, 34")

Icy Box - IB-MS505-TI (Table, 32")

Ergotron - HX Monitor Arm (Table, 42")

Arctic - Z3 Pro with USB 3.0 hub (Table, 32")

NewStar - NM-D775 (Table, 49")

V7 - Essential (Table)

LogiLink - BP0065 (Table, 32")