Money counters

You are swamped with bills and prefer to be your own bank? Then you should definitely own a money counter. Our range includes bill counters, bill validators and coin counters. No matter whether you have to cash up in the evening in a shop or check the wallets of your employees in a restaurant – a counting machine helps you achieve the correct result as quickly as possible. 

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Safescan - 1250 for CHF (Coin counter)

Safescan - 2210 (bank note counter)

Safescan - 2665-S (bank note counter)

Epson - Einlage (Coin counter)

Safescan - 2250 (bank note counter)

Safescan - 1250 für EUR (Coin counter)

Velleman - ZLUVB Mini-UV Taschenlampe (bill validator)

Safescan - UV-Markierungsstift 30 (bill validator)

Rieffel - Münzroller MR 8

Safescan - 2000 (bank note counter)

Safescan - 1450 (Coin counter)

Safescan - USB-Kabel für Geldschein-Zählgerät

Safescan - 155-S (bill validator)

Edding - Schneider Geldscheinprüfer (bill validator)

Safescan - 2650 (bank note counter)