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Fantasy books

Fantasy is a genre of fantasy, whose roots can be found in mythology and legends. Similar to the neighbouring genres of science fiction and horror, fantasy finds its most important expressions in literature and film, but also in music and visual arts, and more recently in the field of board games, computer games, pen & paper and live role-playing games. 

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- Das Lied von Eis und Feuer 05. Sturm der Schwerter (George R.R. Martin)

- Star Wars Darth Plagueis (James Luceno)

- Metro 2033 (Dmitry Glukhovsky)

- Die Stürme des Zorns (Brandon Sanderson)

- Words of Radiance Part Two (Brandon Sanderson)

- Die Phileasson-Saga - Nordwärts (Bernhard Hens)

- Star Wars Thrawn - Allianzen (Timothy tooth)

- The Tower of the Swallow (Andrzej Sapkowski)

- Foundation (Isaac Asimov)

- Star Wars Der Aufstieg der Jedi-Ritter -

- The Way of Kings 02 (Brandon Sanderson)

- The Wise Man's Fear (Patrick Rothfuss)

- Words of Radiance Part One (Brandon Sanderson)

- Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis (Douglas Adams)

- The Name of the Wind (Patrick Rothfuss)

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