Best products in the Children's bed accessories category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Sebra Canopy

This beautiful and stylish bed canopy creates the perfect place to sleep, relax, read or play. Hang this canopy over your child's bed or in any room in your home to create a cosy atmosphere. You can also attach a mobile to the metal bracket on the top of the canopy. 

2. Sebra Bed canopy Powder

On the one hand, a canopy for babies and children can be traditionally placed over the bed to create a sleeping environment that provides security but is also adventurous. On the other hand, the canopy can also be used later as a den in the play corner.


- Height: 240 cm

- Material: 100% cotton, organic - GOTS certified

- Washing instructions: 40°.

3. Müggi House Bed Decoration Set grey/white with fairy lights pink/white

A set for everything Here you get everything you need to give the house bed a whole new look. The 3-piece set includes two extra-long curtains in white, as well as four matching bows to decoratively attach the curtains to the bed. Of course, a house bed should not be without a pennant chain. This has ten alternating fabric pennants in the matching grey/white colour combination of the set. The highlight of the set, however, is the light chain for the house bed. It consists of a total of 10 LED lights in the Cotton Balls look (pink/pink/white) and is battery-operated - so you are flexible and don't necessarily have to put the house bed next to a power socket. The MÜGGI House Bed Deco Set transforms an ordinary bed into a very personal space for your child. When your little one wants to retreat, the curtains can simply be closed. Or when you're reading a story together in the evening, the fairy lights above the house bed create a super cosy and familiar feel-good atmosphere. When it's time to sleep, it can stay on and be used as a night light. This way, your child will always feel safe and secure. Fits in every room We have put together the MÜGGI nursery decorations with loving attention to detail. Stylish, simple and modern, it fits perfectly in every child's room! All the fabrics are lovingly sewn by hand. Note: Batteries (2x AA battery) for the operation of the LED light chain are not included. Material: Curtains and pennants - 100%25 polyester Dimensions: Curtains - length 150 cm x width 320 cm, pennant chain - length 300 cm Brand: MÜGGI ® , Switzerland Weight: 0.62 kg. 

4. Sebra Canopy, elephant grey

Canopy Elephant Grey by Sebra

Beautiful bed canopy made of high quality cotton with a muslin texture, here in the colour Elephant Grey. The bed canopy was designed
in Denmark and can be placed over the bed to create a secure and fairytale atmosphere around the sleeping environment.


- Height: 240 cm

- Diameter: 52 cm

- Material: 100% tree full, organic

- Hanger: 100% metal

- Colour: Elephant Grey

- Washing instructions: 40°C coloured wash


Do not bleach


Do not tumble dry


Dry on the clothesline


Do not iron


Do not dry clean


Wash with similar colours


Remove all removable parts before washing (metal hangers).

5. Baby-Nest Canopy Tulle Dried Thyme

A fairytale canopy white with which you will create a magical space. Perfect for a child's room or a playroom. Made of soft tulle, very dense, beautifully arranged. Approx. 30 m of tulle was used to make the canopy.

Note: The canopy tulle comes from a European manufacturer. Made with great attention to detail. Handmade pompoms with a diameter of approx. 20 cm.

- The set contains a garland with two pompoms

- Wheel diameter 60 cm

- Canopy to attach to the ceiling

- Height 240 cm

- Length of the cord from which it hangs 60 cm

How to care for a canopy:

Vacuum regularly, wipe with a cloth



Two pompoms



Baby-Nest Canopy Tulle Dried Thyme
Children's bed accessories
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Baby-Nest Canopy Tulle Dried Thyme

6. Little Dutch Canopy Canopy muslin Beige

With this beautiful bed canopy you create a cosy sleeping or playing area. If it is hung on the ceiling as a kind of canopy, the children's room gets a very atmospheric atmosphere. The canopy gives your baby a feeling of security and well-being and ensures nights full of beautiful dreams. Place the canopy over a soft play mat or rug and it turns into a magical play tent. It fits wonderfully in a child's room and your little one will love this cosy corner for playing or reading. The canopy is available in seven attractive colours and can be wonderfully combined with our textile collection and our rugs. The thin fabric has a hoop and the top has a cord for easy attachment. The two small tassels are a little extra detail. Of course, you can also decorate the bed canopy with a dream catcher, mobile or something homemade like a garland. Make sure that the canopy hangs securely and keep an eye on your baby's development to prevent them from getting tangled in the fabric. 

7. Jollein Canopy bed canopy vintage

For toddlers and babies, healthy and restful sleep is very important for their development. The little ones process the events of the day and recharge their batteries. Especially in the first months, babies spend a lot of time sleeping. Jollein canopy canopy can help the little ones to sleep better and to sleep longer. Because the canopy surrounds your darling with warmth and security and at the same time protects it from too much external influences. The beautiful Jollein canopy transforms the cot into a cosy place to sleep. See for yourself how the children's room is transformed as soon as the canopy is hung up. The separately available canopy pole makes it easy to hang a canopy without having to drill holes in a wall or ceiling. The canopy can be washed in the washing machine using the hand wash programme and should be hung to dry.

Features Jollein canopy.

8. Interbaby Barrier for bed

Fold barrier for bed.

9. Jollein Vintage

This beautiful vintage-look bed canopy will turn your baby's crib into a cozy place to sleep. And you will see: Once the bed canopy hangs, the nursery is transformed. It gives atmosphere and security. With the matching canopy rod, you can easily hang the veil for the crib without having to drill holes in the ceiling or wall. The canopy rod also ensures that the bed canopy hangs directly well. The canopy rod is not included with the canopy, but is available from Jollein. 

10. Flexa TREE HOUSE

Does your child already sleep in a FLEXA CLASSIC bed and would you like to transform it into a tree house with a little magic? This FLEXA TREE HOUSE tree house superstructure fits on every FLEXA CLASSIC bed and is available in different versions. The house walls and roof are made of pine wood and are available in white lacquer or white opaque. Small windows with flower boxes in front and the chimney transform the children's room into a little paradise. The countless other options for adding extra value to the bed with accessories from FLEXA open up wonderful design scope in the children's room. Create a tree house for your child in their own room - ideal for retreating, playing and relaxing.