Children's shelving

To store the numerous toys and children's books, a children's shelf should not be missing in any children's room. So that the useful storage space can be optimally utilized for your needs, we have different types of children's shelves, completely open shelves, shelves with doors and or drawers. In addition, we also have colorful children's furniture or those with animal motifs, so that a little color comes into the children's room. Our assortment is very versatile and ranges from book shelves, bookcases, wall shelves, wall storage shelves, shelves with storage boxes, chests of drawers to high shelves. When space is at a premium, wall shelving is a great way to create extra storage. Children like to climb and climb up shelves. Therefore, for safety reasons, we recommend that you always attach children's shelves to the wall. In addition, there are different heights of children's shelves and these should also be considered in the purchase decision according to the size of your children. In addition, make sure that the corners and edges are rounded, so the risk of injury is reduced. With the right children's shelf it is easy for you to create order together with your children in a playful way. Our children's shelves we have from well-known brands such as Roba, Schrardt, World Apart, 3 Sprouts, Flexa, Galipette, Geuther, KidKraft, Pinolino, Micasa. No matter what you want to store, we have a wide selection of children's shelves that you can conveniently order to your home.


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