Baby hammocks

Gentle swinging in a hammock relaxes and immediately reminds you of a holiday. Why not take advantage of this relaxation and put your baby in a hammock? Especially newborns and young babies sleep a lot. For this the baby hammock is the ideal alternation to the baby stretcher, the baby cot or the bassinet. So that the little one can swing gently there are so-called baby hammocks. These are particularly suitable for newborns and babies up to 5 months. The rocking movement is reminiscent of the womb, as is the spatial narrowness and also the initially natural curvature of the back. In addition, the sense of balance is strengthened and the head is always slightly raised, which can help against strong reflux, for example.

There are several mounting options: most hammocks are attached to the ceiling, but there are also mounting options that are intended for doors or even racks that you can place anywhere you need the baby hammock.
To find the right baby hammock you can choose between different models, colours and brands such as Amazonas, Baby-Jojo, Kängurooh, Leipold, La Siesta or Erisana.

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Amazonas - Power Hook" ceiling mounting

Amazonas - Koala

Amazonas - Luna

Amazonas - Hanging chair

Amazonas - Hippo

Amazonas - Hammock inlay "SUNNY" cacao beige

Amazonas - Hanging chair (without frame)

Amazonas - Kangoo

Amazonas - Feather "Woopy"

Amazonas - Hammock rack Carrello

Erisana - Dondolo Baby Hängematte

La Siesta - Hängemattengestell Yayita

Amazonas - Jumbino" ceiling mount

Erisana - Dondolo Türrahmenklammer

Nonomo - Komplettset Federwiege Classic Baby