Best products in the Baby hammocks category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Amazonas Power Hook" ceiling mounting

For safety reasons, the Kids's Globo hanging chair and the Kid's Swinger must be suspended so that the suspension cords cannot rub off. And so that your baby can dangle in the desired direction! That is why Amazonas has created a ball-bearing ceiling hook with height-adjustable extension chain. Screws and metal plugs included.

2. Amazonas Koala

With the Koala set, consisting of a hammock and rack, babies can be close to their parents anywhere in the house, in the garden or on the way, because Koala is a lightweight and quick and easy to set up. In this way, even adventurous parents can relax everywhere, while the babies can rock comfortably and contentedly and still watch the events around them attentively and with interest. Suitable accessories: Sunny blanket (has recesses to fasten the seat belt). 

3. Amazonas Hippo

Hippo is a real eye-catcher and the matching frame made of untreated spruce wood for the baby hammocks Kaya natura and Kangoo (hammock not included).Hippo is very stable and has a swing limiter. The exclusive design makes Hippo a real jewel in the house or garden, it can be worn easily and easily to keep your baby close at hand. If you glaze Hippo with non-toxic glazes, it defies all weather conditions.

4. Amazonas Luna

This is the flexible way to create a comfortable place for rocking and dreaming. Quick and easy to assemble without tools, height adjustable and protected against transport by polystyrene inlays.

5. Erisana Dondolo Baby Hammock

Dondolo - the most popular baby hammock

Rocking and weighing is a basic need of every baby and promotes its development. Even babies who find it difficult to calm down and have trouble falling asleep are quickly satisfied and float gently to sleep. Even flatulence and colic can be alleviated. The mattress is filled with soft sheep's wool, the steel spring already vibrates in newborns and can bear
a weight of up to 20 kg. A happy baby - relaxed parents! Installation is very simple and safe using the suspension device supplied. The Dondolo Baby hand mat is made in Switzerland.

Security, satisfaction and relaxation for your baby
soothes your baby through gentle rocking and

6. Amazonas Feather "Woopy"

Suitable for KAYA and KANGOO hammocks. Woopy "is a stainless steel spiral spring, specially designed for ceiling suspension of baby and toddler hammocks. The even, soft swinging of the feather is very similar to the baby's experience in the mother's stomach. It supports relaxation and well-being and lets your little darling fall asleep quickly and well. The supplied fabric cover prevents the fingers from getting caught in the stretched spring. Woopy "is the perfect addition to the ceiling hook" Jumbino ". Length: 44 cm, weight: 0,7 kg, load capacity: max. 15 kg 

7. Nonomo Move 1.0 electric spring cradle drive

The Nonomo Move electric spring cradle drive is a very high quality product and can be used without problems from a weight of the child of about six kilograms. The product is loadable up to a weight of the children of about 15 kilograms. The Nonomo Move electric spring cradle drive also has a timer function that goes for up to four hours. Another very big advantage of this product is the fact that it is absolutely silent and quiet. The Nonomo Move electric spring cradle drive also has individually adjustable pulse levels and these then allow for a natural and smooth movement. The model is wireless and therefore also very mobile, as both battery operation and electricity operation are possible without any problems. The Nonomo Move electric spring cradle drive has a three-meter cable and this in turn is made of purely recycled materials. The Nonomo Move electric spring cradle motor ensures gentle movements and thus also a deep and restful sleep for babies. Thanks to this innovative spring cradle motor, the unique and instinctive feeling of warmth, closeness, safety and security can be conveyed to the little ones always and everywhere. The natural vibrations and gentle movements are guaranteed to send the little ones sooner or later to the land of dreams and let them sleep peacefully. Made in Germany. Timer function from 15 minutes to four hours. Completely silent and quiet. Natural and cozy movement through adjustable implus levels. Made from recycled materials. 

Nonomo Move 1.0 electric spring cradle drive
Baby hammocks

Nonomo Move 1.0 electric spring cradle drive


8. Amazonas Kangoo

The hammock cradle Kangoo is only hung at one point above the mat. For babies absolute safety and an extra big cuddling feeling Kangoo can be buttoned at the ends, so Kangoo is as similar to the womb as possible and the perfect sleeping place, which surrounds the baby cuddly soft and soft, but still noticeable and rocks it slightly back and forth.
The "Sunny" insert is ideal for the Kangoo. Tested
and tested according to the European standard EN 1130-1.
Kangoo can be hung in the "Carrello" or "Hippo" frames and with the door clamp. Lying surface: approx. 70 x 40 cm, total length: approx. 90 cm, weight: approx. 1.15 kg Load capacity: max. 15 kg, hammock: 100% cotton (label "eco-tested"), TÜV certification: Kangoo in combination with "Hippo" frame, and "Sunny" insert.
The suspension and the insert are not included and can be purchased separately.

9. BabyBjörn Fabric Seat Bouncer (Yellow)

- An extra fabric seat for the baby bouncer is handy if you want to change the look of your baby bouncer quickly and easily, such as if you bought a used baby bouncer that you want to freshen up. It's also nice to have a second fabric seat for the baby bouncer on hand when the other one is dirty and in the wash.

- Fits baby bouncer Bliss and baby bouncer Balance Soft

- Washable in the washing machine
at 40 °C. Wash separately. It is best to use an environmentally friendly and gentle detergent without bleach. Do not tumble dry.

- The fabric seat for baby bouncer Bliss is available in two different materials: quilted fabric (100% cotton), airy mesh (100% polyester).

- The health and safety of the child are the basis of everything we do. We develop products that contribute to strengthening the relationship between parent and child. The idea of sustainability permeates all our work from the idea to the finished product.

10. Amazonas Hanging chair

From Brazil, the country of the Siesta World Champions, comes the place to dream. As with all Brazilian hammocks, the 4-fold stitched ends and the extra dense 400 g/m2 woven fabric guarantee maximum resilience. Length wooden stick: approx. 110 cm and load capacity: max. 150 kg. Can be combined with: Luna frame or Power Hook accessory.