Baby bathtubs

How do you bathe your baby? There are many things to consider when bathing your little darling for the first time, such as keeping the head above water or stabilising the back and neck while bathing. Therefore, it is advisable not to use a normal bathtub for washing the baby, but a specially designed aid - the baby bathtub. The different models of baby bathtubs not only make it more pleasant for the baby to enjoy the bath, but also allow you to protect your posture and not to bend too low. Whether it's a baby bath seat with suction cups, a baby bath mat for older children, or a raised baby bath with bath stand - bathing fun is the main focus. Our selection includes various types and models of baby baths from well-known brands such as Twistshake, Zewi, Skiphop, Bisal, Luma, Badabulle, Thermobaby, Kuli-Muli, Rotho or Tummy Tub. No matter which model you are looking for, you are sure to find it in our online shop.

For example, you can use the classic baby bath even if you don't have a bath. Simply place it in a warm room and the bathing fun can begin. You don't want to bend down so far? Then use one of the bath grates and put the bathtub on top. You want to use the tub in the sink to avoid an unnecessary water fight in the living room? Then one of the bath buckets is suitable for you. Bath seats can be placed in the bathtub and are more comfortable because you don't always have to hold your little darling. However, these are not suitable for babies and only for children who can already sit independently. Brands like Luma offer whole baby bath sets and have the bath firmly installed on footrests so you don't have to put extra strain on your back. The older your child gets, the more activities he or she will want to have in the bathtub. In the bath toys category you will find a wide selection of bath additives, bath ducks and many other fun toys for splashing around.