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Whether action film, musical or sci-fi adventure, any movie will be given a whole new dimension if you don't just see it, but also hear and feel it. To make this possible at home, we offer the right equipment to upgrade your living room to a home cinema.

A soundbar is the ideal entry-level solution. Place it in front of or under your TV on the shelf or on the wall and it will produce much better sound than today's flat-screen televisions do. Especially in combination with a bass model, a soundbar will boost your movie experience.

Of course, we also have the right components for a real 5.1, 7.1 or even 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos home cinema system, which allows you to build your very own home cinema. An AV receiver and HiFi + home cinema speakers serve as the basis. Everything else, such as cables and wall mounts, can be found in the section «Home cinema accessories».

If this is too much work for you, what about a ready-made home cinema system? These are available in all sizes, configurations and price ranges. You're sure to find a solution that will allow you not only to hear your movies and series in the future, but also to feel them.

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    HW-Q950T (1 x 546 W)
    1199.–was 1299.–
    Samsung HW-Q950T (1 x 546 W)
    HW-Q950A (1 x 616 W)
    Samsung HW-Q950A (1 x 616 W)
    HW-Q900A (1 x 406 W)
    912.–was 999.–
    Samsung HW-Q900A (1 x 406 W)
    USB C - jack 3,5mm (0.15 m, entry, 3.5mm jack)
    Quantity discount
    equip USB C - jack 3,5mm (0.15 m, entry, 3.5mm jack)
    STR-DH590 (5.2 channels, FM)
    264.–was 299.–
    Sony STR-DH590 (5.2 channels, FM)
    3.5mm jack - Cinch cable (3 m, Premium, cinch, 3.5mm jack)
    Quantity discount
    Goobay 3.5mm jack - Cinch cable (3 m, Premium, cinch, 3.5mm jack)

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