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Timepiece or statement? Library or swimming pool? Watches have a charm of their own and the constant companion needs to be chosen carefully. The digital or analogue display must please and the strap must fit comfortably.

The character of the watch is determined by one of the three different movements: the quartz movement is battery-operated. Quartz watches are uncomplicated and the battery keeps the digital display running for years. The automatic movement, on the other hand, is wound independently by a spring when the wearer moves his or her arm. The stored energy moves the hands. With some models, a backup battery helps to bridge longer breaks in wear, or you can use a watch winder. You will find a selection of watch winders in our range in the wristwatch accessories category. Finally, the hand-wound movement is old school: wind the timepiece manually on a regular basis.

The choice of bracelet is just as important as the style. Bracelets made of leather are sturdy and feel natural. Plastic bracelets are particularly light and easy to clean. The metal bracelet is solid and looks simply classy.

You can find classic, extravagant or sporty watches here. Some wristwatches are equipped with basic smartwatch functions, such as an activity tracker. Digital models often offer features such as a stopwatch, altimeter or different time zones.

Use our filter, choose your preferences for material, colour or movement and order a watch that suits your taste. We carry a wide range of men's, women's and children's watches and have popular brands like Casio, Fossil or G-Shock in our online shop!