Walkie-talkie accessories

Here you will find everything you might need in addition to your handheld radio and walkie talkies. It is always a good idea to have an extra or spare battery nearby in the wild or as a security measure. The radios can also be recharged quickly and easily in suitable charging stations or stand chargers. You will also find a wide selection of headsets and hand-held monophones. Security headsets and earplugs for walkie talkies are in high demand. For all fans of radio there are also built-in devices for CB radios, HF plugs, PL plugs and various antennas. If that was already too complicated and you're just looking for a trouser clip or a quality clip, then you've come to the right place. 

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Motorola - PMMN4013

Motorola - PMR00635

Motorola - HLN6602

Motorola - PMR00174

Midland - MA31-L Security Headset

Kenwood Corp. - KMC-21

Motorola - Standard Headset

Motorola - RLN6302A

Alecto - FRH-10

Motorola - HKLN4510

Albrecht - Radio antennas Cable Coax 1.5m

Albrecht - AE 31 CL2 Security Headset

Midland - MA21-L

Motorola - PMNN4477AR

Motorola - PMLN6393