A transceiver is a network accessory known by many names, including SFP module, fiber optic adapter, GBIC and miniGBIC. An optical transceiver module acts as a link of network products and can be used as a connector when different network devices (e.g. routers, switches, servers, firewalls, media converters or network adapters) want to be connected to fast Ethernet or fiber. The optical transceiver receives optical signals from the fiber optic cable and translates them. Among the transceivers, however, there are several types, categories and features to distinguish such as SFP fiber module or SFP copper module, different connectors such as RJ45 or LC Duplex as well as the different data rates or distances. When buying a transceiver it is important to determine which compatibility is guaranteed - this varies depending on the manufacturer of the network products to be connected. Whether a module fits Cisco, Ubiquiti or other brands is noted on the product data of the transceivers.