Best products in the Smartphone holder category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. 4smarts Grabber 2.0

Attachment: Clamps, properties: Tiltable, 360° orientation, Mobile phone compatibility: Universal, Universal mount: Yes, Installation location: Ventilation slots.

2. Vicseed Cell phone holder

- The mount has a suction cup holder and a ventilation clip, so you can put it on the windshield, on the dashboard or on the ventilation slot. Universal car phone holder for all smartphones between 4.7-7.2 inches with phone case.

- The car mount really Hält Fest and Holds the phone in any position - even with potholes and cobblestones no wobble! Finally a cell phone holder holds bombproof, which really holds and does not fall off in freezing cold or summer heat. Extra strong suction cup with sticky gel pad provides excellent adhesion; The end of the clamp is designed like an eagle's beak, what bite into the air outlet firmly and is suitable for more cars

- Smartphone mount car can be rotated in any direction and is extendable, you can adjust the viewing angle perfectly and switch from portrait to landscape in an instant. All operations can be done with one hand, for even more comfortable and safe car ride, you no longer need to hold the phone in your hand

- The phone mount is very easy to install, no tools required and done in seconds. Druch the two side release buttons, you can also super quickly attach and detach the phone with one hand and the port for the charging cable is not blocked

- The strong PTFE material of the cell phone holder car ensures high stability and long life. The inside of the cell phone holder are made of high quality soft silicone and can protect your cell phone and car from scratches.

3. Hama Universal Smartphone Cradle

Easy handling due to movable holding jaws for individual adaptation to the device. 360° rotatable clamp attachment to the blades of the ventilation shaft perfect for portrait or landscape format. Compact design for space-saving installation. Suitable for every smartphone with and without case or protective cover. 

4. OtterBox Car Vent Mount for MagSafe

Vent Mount for MagSafe supports your iPhone while you drive. Car Vent Mount is a convenient addition to your OtterBox case or phone that uses Apple MagSafe technology. The easily adjustable mount locks your phone in place and keeps it secure wherever the road takes you. 

5. Xiaomi Mi Wireless Car Charger

Charge your smartphone now with the world's first 20W wireless car charger. Mount the Xiaomi Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger either on the ventilation grill or on the dashboard. Simply attach your smartphone to Xiaomi's Qi-capable car cradle and the charging process begins. The integrated infrared sensor automatically closes the cradle as soon as you place your smartphone in it. With this ingenious gadget, you can concentrate on the traffic and don't have to worry about battery life anymore. 

6. Onit Mobile phone holder

Fastening: Clip, Features: Rotatable, Swivel, Tilt, Mobile phone compatibility: Various, Universal mount: Yes, Installation location: Air vents.

7. Ugreen Gooseneck Desktop Phone Holder

Have your hands free to watch movies, shoot videos, read recipes, play games, etc. 2. Flexible neck can be easy to use even for people with weak arms or disability. 3. clamp can open up to 8cm, fits well on various tables, shelves, desks in kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, etc. 

8. Quad Lock MAG Universal Adaptor MAG Universal Adaptor

Our Quad Lock MAG Universal Adapter features a secure locking mechanism that is compatible with all original Twist-and-Lock mounts and attaches directly to phones, cases and most flat metal or plastic surfaces. 

9. Nc-17 3D Universal Holder

Secure universal holder for your smartphone, whether you're cycling in the city or mountain biking through challenging terrain - your phone is always safe. Fits also with your favorite cover up to 12.5 mm thickness. Easy to mount on the handlebars or the H-headset cap. Compact design, stability, material and low weight make the NC-17 3D universal holder a reliable partner for your personal bike setup. The flexibly extendable support arms are parallel toothed and can be adjusted perfectly and firmly by means of grid steps. Mechanical release is ensured by a push button located behind the support arm with the white triangle. Thanks to the ball head holder, the display can be rotated through a full 360 degrees and can also be freely selected in the viewing angle. This makes it easy, for example, to avoid permanent environmental reflections. The NC-17 universal holder fits perfectly with the Dynamo USB charger AppCon GT, so that you can enjoy your personal bike setup for the various purposes without having to face technical challenges. Universal smartphone/mobile phone holder for handlebar mounting on bicycles, bikes, motorcycles. Quick and easy mounting on any handlebar from 22-32 mm diameter. Variable size adjustment by patented rack and pinion drive for smartphones, mobile phones with widths 56-92 mm, lengths 114-182 mm e.g. all iPhones and Samsung devices. Stepless mounting by tooth drive, also suitable with your own protective cover up to 12.5 mm thickness. The 3D Universal Holder can be rotated through 360 degrees as required, thus ensuring an optimal viewing angle at any time and for any application, e.g. to avoid sun reflection in the display. Intelligent rack and pinion drive in compact and inexpensive design, successful design, low weight, stable and weatherproof. Included: NC-17 3D holder with clamp, 3 x softpads, 3 x rubber pads, holder for handlebars, manual in German and English. 

10. Sp Connect Anti Vibration Module

Use the SP Connect Anti Vibration Module to further reduce vibration for a wide range of frequencies. The development of this product is a response to the complexity of smartphone models, whose camera systems consist of increasingly sensitive components. The specially designed elastomer inlay dampens in all directions and stops up to 60% of vibrations (e.g. from the motorcycle engine) that could affect the camera's mechanical image stabilizer. So your smartphone is not only protected, but remains stable and securely attached, allowing you to navigate on the go without any problems.