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    Xouxou lanyard phone case review – smartphone accessories for fashionistas?

    by Stephanie Vinzens

Mobile phone accessories

Our online shop offers a lot of exciting mobile phone accessories, which you can buy online.

Very trendy are currently image stabilizers for the smartphone, so-called mobile phone gimbals. With different sensors and motors the Gimbal stabilizes the camera. This is done by the motor combination of two or more axes. Thus, quieter shots are possible without blurred or blurred image. This is also called "cardanic suspension". This compensates through the built-in motors all your hand movements and allows super great and depending on the model also professional shots. The built-in sensors recognize when you move the gimbal with your smartphone on it. And send current into the motor to trigger a counter-movement. So your mobile phone and your mobile phone camera as a center of gravity always remain straight, no matter what movements you make with your hand. One of our bestsellers is the DJI Osmo Mobile 3, which has won many international awards. But there are also other, very exciting mobile phone gimbals with a variety of functions and photo and video recording.

We also have mobile phone camera attachments that can turn your mobile phone into a professional photo and video camera. There are various possibilities, from thermal imaging camera to fisheye optics. The best way to do this is to check out the Black Eye, Insta360 or Olloclip mobile phone camera lenses.

Maybe an ordinary Selfie Stick or a Tripod is enough for your mobile phone? You can also find it here.

Or, you're interested in Bluetooth trackers that allow you to find lost items using your mobile phone and an app. Such Bluetooth keyfinders like Tile or Chipolo products are very helpful. Tile products can even be integrated into your Smart Home and are compatible with Google Home and a variety of other brands.

Our shop also offers a selection of smartphone cleaning products such as PhoneSoap.