Best products in the MIDI + Audio keyboards category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Casio CDP-S110BK

The Casio CDP-S110 electric piano is the entry-level model of the CDP-S digital piano series and offers an impressive range of features: authentic keyboard, sound generation and an impressive speaker system. Ten tones, including grand and electric pianos, are waiting to be discovered and played.

2. Casio CT-S300

61 touch-sensitive keys - more portable than ever before: CT-S300 not only impresses with its striking design - the amount of great features is also impressive. Equipped with the Dance Music Mode, which allows even music beginners to create great dance tracks in no time at all, a pitch bend wheel, the ability to connect to the free Chordana Play For Keyboard learning app as well as to a PC via the USB port, the instrument offers a wealth of possibilities to make music making fun right away. Intuitive operation and the ability to run the CT-S300 on batteries make it the perfect musical companion. 

3. Carry-On Folding Piano

The practical travel practice solution for piano and keyboard is now available with this compact, lightweight, 88-key foldable piano. Until now, travel solutions had smaller keys, while roll-up solutions lacked the feel of a real instrument. That's why the 88-key Carry-on Piano was developed: a full-size keyboard with real touch and feel in a compact format that fits in a small bag or backpack. Now you can play a full-size piano - anywhere.

Weighing just 1.6 kg and measuring just 33 cm when folded, the Carry-on Folding Piano is a unique 88-key full-length piano in a foldable, easy-to-store and portable format. Thanks to its clever design, the keys feel like a real instrument, making the Carry-on Piano the perfect solution for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. You can play anytime through headphones or the built-in stereo speakers. With 128 sounds and accompaniments and MIDI via USB, this is the ultimate piano for on-the-go.

4. Casio CDP-S110

Take your first step on a satisfying musical journey. Casio’s proprietary high-density mounting technology, with miniaturized components and a space-saving internal structure, is key to the slim body of this piano. Two color variations are available: black and white. The bold, monochromatic color scheme and minimalist design aesthetic together deliver a simple yet elegant piano experience. The CDP-S series is compact, lightweight and ultimately portable. Because it can be run from either AC power or batteries, you can play it not just however you like but wherever you like, too. Ten essential tones, including grand pianos and electric pianos, are waiting to be discovered and played. The subtle changes in response to the velocity and time on the piano tones have become even more natural, broadening your range of expression. The CDP-S series is perfect for a wide range of musical genres. The Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard Ⅱ, which is an action mechanism with hammer weighting the same as a grand piano, housed in a compact body, allows for a great balance of slim size and responsive touch. The fine-grained finish on the key surface prevents slippage caused by perspiration, and the keys feel comfortable to the fingertips even during long sessions. 

5. Max Electric piano KB6W

The KB6 Electronic Keyboard with Furniture, is a great instrument for everyone from beginners to professionals. Whether on stage, in the studio, or at home, the KB6 full-size digital piano with 88 weight-sensitive keys gives the feel of an acoustic piano and provides a wonderful playing experience. Built-in 16 demo songs and 140 timbres offer a variety of choices when playing. The 6 instrumental settings allow you to explore other instruments, with the touch of a button you can switch to an organ, harpsichord and more. Included are power supply, music stand and a foot pedal that emulates the far right pedal effect on acoustic pianos, adding sustain to the notes you play. This allows you to smoothly transition from one chord to the next, or add long sustain to individual notes. In addition, the Stereo In and Out Auxiliary jacks and USB/MIDI Out port ensure that the KB6 is ready for any situation. 

6. Casio CT-S200

61 keys and a practical carrying handle - the super stylish CT-S200 is a guarantee for good music, whether at home, in the music studio or on the road. Features include the Dance Music Mode, which allows even beginners to create great dance tracks, the ability to connect to the free Chordana Play For Keyboard learning app and to a PC via USB. In addition, the CT-S200 can be powered by batteries - let's get on with the next music jam. 

7. Casio CT-S100

61 keys and very intuitive operation make the entry-level model of the CASIOTONE series the perfect music tool. At home and on the move - because it can also be operated with batteries - the CT-S100 is an instrument that is guaranteed to make music a pleasure. An abundance of tones and rhythms, as well as the option of connecting the instrument to a PC via USB, allow flexible use.

8. Casio CT-S1

Let your imagination run wild in a world of music. Thanks to the CT-S1's minimalist design, you can focus exclusively on the music. Enjoy the pure musicality of the keyboard while developing your unique style. Discover the 61 carefully selected tones, from Advanced Tones to Casio Classic Tones, that will take you on a journey through Casio's history. Make music your own. Define yourself through sound.

Sound Source technology is at the core of the CT-S1, authentically reproducing the characteristic sound of each instrument. Keyboardists can choose from 61 exquisitely designed tones - including acoustic piano, electric piano and organ. So you're sure to find your favorites. Casio Advanced Tones were developed by tone experts and allow you to experience full performance with modern ease.

Casio has analyzed the sound and texture of vintage musical instruments used in hits from the past to the present, and brought them to life with the unique technology. They even added Casio Classic Tones. Casio have captured the legendary sounds of their own large range of keyboards and synthesizers, such as the Casiotone 201, to celebrate the debut of electronic musical instruments from the 1980s. Create the authentic sound of great musicians.

Experience dynamic sounds with the CT-S1's integrated speaker system. Innovative Horizontal Bass Reflex technology and specially designed speakers deliver pure, clear tones with a powerful bass punch in a chic and compact form factor. Take it a step further and indulge in rich soundscapes amidst the full power of surround sound. Get great sound quality at every decibel with the Volume Sync EQ feature, which automatically adjusts the presence of bass and treble even at low volumes.

The CT-S1 will inspire you time and time again. Bring your creative ideas to life. With the WU-BT10 Wireless MIDI & Audio Adapter, you can pair your smartphone or tablet with your keyboard and listen to or play your favorite songs through the CT-S1's powerful speaker system. The Chordana Play app lets you personalize your music experience. Change the key and adjust the tempo in audio mode. Suppress the melody or accompaniment to turn your favorite music into a background track to accompany it. Learning mode uses MIDI capability so you can customize your lessons to make practicing more fun. Other MIDI-enabled apps and external devices ensure there are no limits to experimentation, as you can always explore fun ways to listen, customize, and create musical experiences.

Thanks to the CT-S1's compact design, music becomes your constant companion as you can play anytime, anywhere. No preparation. No storage hassles. Music and innovation are always at your fingertips. The slim unit fits in any room and gives you the flexibility to match your playing style to your mood, with a design that fits anywhere. There's even the option to attach your favorite strap, so you can experience the freedom of playing without a stand or table. Whether you're sitting on your sofa surrounded by family or relaxing in your bedroom, play whenever and wherever you're in the mood.

9. Blackstar Folding Piano 49

At just 33cm long when folded, the Carry-on Folding Piano is a unique piano with 49 full length keys in a foldable, easy to store and portable format. Its clever design makes the keys feel like a real instrument, making the Carry-on Piano the perfect solution for beginners to seasoned professionals. Play anytime through headphones or the built-in stereo speakers. With 128 sounds and accompaniments and MIDI via USB, this is the ultimate piano to take on the go. 

10. Roland FP-10

The FP-10 is the new entry-level model in Roland's renowned FP series. The digital piano is ready to play at any time, provides an authentic playing feel thanks to its PHA-4 standard 88-key keyboard and reproduces its lively SuperNATURAL piano sounds either via the integrated speakers or via headphones. With its portable, space-saving design, the FP-10 is the perfect instrument for use at home - whether you're honing your technique in the guest room or performing to acclaim in the living room. In addition, the FP-10 has Bluetooth connectivity and other powerful features that no other digital piano offers. This makes the FP-10 an ideal second piano for experienced players. Includes: FP-10 digital piano, music stand, AC adapter & power cord, pedal connector, manual.