Top-rated products in the Headset Accessories category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Poly Voyager 5200

Together with the foam covers, the plugs can be easily pulled off and overplugged.

2. Poly Spare earplug kit, medium

Replacement earplugs suitable for Voyager Legend, size "M", delivery includes: 3 silicone earplugs + foam cover.

3. Jabra 14101-19

The larger (5.5 cm diameter) ear cushions provide 3 - 5 dB more passive noise cancellation than standard ear cushions for improved comfort. Compatible with Jabra Pro 920, Jabra Pro 925, Jabra Pro 930, Jabra Pro 935, Jabra Pro 9470, Jabra Pro 9465, Jabra Pro 9460, Jabra Pro 9450. 

4. Jabra 14207-39

The charging cradle makes it easy and convenient to charge and store the Jabra Evolve 65 on your desk.

5. Jabra Link 370 USB adapter

The Jabra Link 370 is a USB adapter to extend Bluetooth connectivity from your Jabra headset or hands-free solution to your laptop. The discreet plug-and-play adapter ensures the best sound quality and an extended radio range of up to 30 m. When the Link 370 is connected to your Jabra headset or hands-free solution, HD voice gives you crystal-clear high-definition sound and authentic UC conversations. In addition, HiFi audio streaming and A2DP make it possible to transmit music in first-class HiFi quality. Compatible models are Jabra Evolve 65, Evolve 75 and Speak 710. 

6. Poly Voyager Legend Charging Case

Keep your Plantronics Voyager Legend battery full on the go with the pocket-sized charger box - the perfect accessory for storing, protecting and charging your headset. LED indicators show the battery status of the headset and charging box at a glance. 

7. Jabra Link 14201-10

Jabra LINK 14201-10 provides EHS functionality with Jabra's cordless headsets and a variety of phone models, including Aastra, Agfeo, Auerswald, Funkwerk, Innovaphone, Siemens, Snom, Swyx, Deutsche Telecom, Tiptel and Ipitomy (check compatibility with your device via compatibility link). Once installed, employees can control their calls directly from their cordless Jabra headset up to 150m from their desk. 

8. Kuando Busylight Omega

Shows others the current state of your phone. Flashing blue for incoming calls on Lync/Skype for Business. Acoustic ring tone with adjustable and assignable ring tones. Presence colours: red, violet, green, yellow, blue. The Kuando Busylight Omega USB is a LED signal lamp for your workplace. Even without wearing headphones or being directly at work, you won't miss a single call. The Busylight LED flashes when calls are received on Lync. Optionally, an additional ring tone can be switched on or switched over to purely acoustic notification. Eight ring tones are available for incoming calls and instant messages. Another practical feature is that the Kuando Busylight also signals your colleagues when you are in a call. This way you will be less disturbed during the call. 

9. Poly Adapter BT600

The Bluetooth USB wireless adapter provides excellent voice quality and music playback when connecting your Plantronics Bluetooth headset or headphones to a PC or Mac. Small enough to stay connected to your computer at all times. So you can always connect when you need to. 

10. Poly 300 Series

Suitable for Blackwire C310, Blackwire C310-M, Blackwire C315, Blackwire C315-M, Blackwire C320, Blackwire C320-M, Blackwire C3210, Blackwire C3215, Blackwire C3220, Blackwire C3225, Blackwire C325 as well as Blackwire C325-M.