A telephone (obsolete also telephone or telephone set) is a means of communication for transmitting speech by means of electrical signals.

The field of telephony
is in a state of upheaval. Worldwide the change to "All IP" is currently taking place: In the future, landline, TV, mobile telephony and Internet as well as all associated services will communicate universally via the Internet Protocol. Swisscom is also planning to convert conventional fixed network telephony services to Internet telephony (also known as IP telephony or Voice over IP [VoIP]) by the end of 2017. The old telephony infrastructure will be gradually taken out of service. ISDN and analogue telephony are to be abolished in the near future (devices under telephone connection "analogue").

In order to telephone over the IP, you basically only need a computer with a headset in addition to an Internet connection. However, in order not to lose the comfort of a classic telephone, you can use desk telephones or cordless handsets specializing in IP telephony. À propos cordless: Behind the acronym "DECT" is "Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications", which means "the international standard for cordless fixed network telephones".

Which telephone equipment is the right one for you? Whether with an answering machine or hands-free kit, whether with a classic handset or cordless handset - we offer you the telephone solution that suits your needs. We are happy to help you choose the right phone for you:

Headset solution / Softphone
Do you mainly sit at your computer when you make calls via landline? You have no need for a "real" phone, but you like to enter the numbers via keyboard? You also don't need a ringtone if the computer is not running? Then a softphone will be perfectly sufficient for you. Simply install the software of the selected provider on the computer and connect a headset, and you are ready to make calls. The Plantronics or Jabra headsets have received very good reviews from our community.

Mobile phone / Hardphone
If you don't want to do without the comfort of a telephone including ringtone, a hardphone is the right choice. As with classic telephones, you can choose between a desktop phone with a wired handset (e.g. from Gigaset or Yealink) and a wireless phone. With the latter, you make calls via a cordless handset, which you can use within the radio range of the base. From AVM we also offer the Fritz!Box 7490 in a bundle with two wireless phones.

Table phone
You usually sit at your desk when you make calls? Then a desk phone is probably the best choice because of its larger display and buttons. But if you prefer to walk around the apartment or office during a phone call, the ideal solution is to use a mobile phone.
If you prefer to continue using your existing telephone with an analogue connection, you must have an appropriate router or buy a VoIP adapter to which the classic telephones can be connected. Here we can recommend devices from Gigaset or Yealink among others.

You can also filter the entire range of phones according to individual preferences regarding talk time, standby time, number of blacklists and more. We also have so-called senior phones in our portfolio with extra large buttons, photos as speed dials, alarm buttons and simplified functions.
Among others, we carry the brands Mitel, Gigaset, Alcatel, Doro, Jabra, Panasonic, Logitech, Motorola, Swisscom, Ubiquiti or Yealink.