Best Quad Lock products in the Smartphone holder category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Quad Lock products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount V2

The Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount is the ultimate smartphone mount for motorcycles (⌀32mm) and is compatible with all Quad Lock Cases as well as the Quad Lock Universal Adapter.

To protect your device even better from strong vibrations, there is the matching Motorcycle Vibration Dampener (14100233).

The holder can be mounted in no time at all on a suitable (three spacers for handlebars with ⌀22mm, 25mm and 28mm), clearly visible place and can be attached with the included extension piece so that the mobile phone does not get in your way while riding.

With the secure, rugged Motorcycle Mount, your phone can navigate you safely to your destination, and you can share your impressions on the road with family and friends.

From June 2020 we offer the Quad Lock optimized version of the Motorcycle Mount. It was revised in the following points:
Hinge/lock: Now consists of only one screw. With the same hold the handling is improved and the assembly is easier and faster.
Design: This allows for greater mounting versatility and fits on several types of handlebars.

2. Quad Lock Motorcycle Vibration Dampener

The vibration of some motorcycles can affect image stabilization on new smartphones. The Quad Lock Vibration Damper ensures that you can safely mount your smartphone to any motorcycle. Compatible with all Quad Lock motorcycle mounts and Quad Lock motorcycle accessories, the vibration damper reduces over 90% of the high frequency vibrations generated by motorcycles. 

3. Quad Lock Out Front Mount V2

The smartphone is very comfortably mounted on the handlebars and can still be read easily in a lying position. Handlebar sizes 22 mm, 25.4 mm, 31.8 mm and 35 mm aerodynamic low profile design. Light, stable, robust. "Dual Stage Lock" safety lock. "Portrait or Landscape" rotation system. Compatible with all Quad Lock Cases. 

4. Quad Lock Ventilation Grille Holder Vent Car Mount

Add one of two Quad Lock MAG Heads and mount your smartphone even more effortlessly. Combine your devices with the Quad Lock MAG Wireless Charging Head or the Quad Lock Original Wireless Charging Head for fast charging. This ensures that your phone's battery always stays in the green zone, no matter what the situation. 

5. Quad Lock Wireless Charing Head MAG Wireless Charging Head

Attach the Quad Lock MAG? Strong adhesive magnets fix your smartphone in place when used at home, in the office or in the car. The Quad Lock connection and the arrangement of the magnets ensure that your smartphone is always attached straight, in both portrait and landscape mode. 

6. Quad Lock Car Mount V5

Equipped with a fully adjustable swivelling ball head, the new Quad Lock Car Mount is the perfect complement to the Quad Lock system.

7. Quad Lock Bike Mount

The Pro Bar mount offers many more uses. The two-step lock provides perfect protection for the iPhone. With this technology it is not possible for the iPhone to detach itself unintentionally from the Quad Lock mount, even if it is exposed to shocks or inclinations. Pro Bar Mount is designed for extreme situations where you don't want to miss out on the iPhone. Ideal for cycling or motorcycling. Thanks to its intelligent design, Quad Lock Pro Bar Mount can be attached to the handlebar of the bike, for example, so that you can use your iPhone as a navigation device. This is possible due to the concave shape of the mounting plate. To attach the Pro Bar Mount to a bar, simply put it on it and attach the whole device with two rubber bands to the places provided. The fastening straps are also supplied with the Quad Lock. You can also use the supplied cable ties to permanently attach the Pro Bar Mount. Mounting on stem or handlebar (⌀-40mm) "Dual Stage Lock" safety lock "Portrait or Landscape" rotating system compatible with all Quad Lock Cases. 

8. Quad Lock Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head V3

Easily use GPS navigation without draining your smartphone battery. With 5W, 7.5W & 10W charging power, you can quickly charge your smartphone on the way to your next destination. The two-stage lock keeps your smartphone securely attached to your bike. The Quad Lock Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head is IP66 waterproof. The Quad Lock Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head comes with everything needed to install it with the Quad Lock Motorcycle Mount (sold separately). 

9. Quad Lock Adhesive Dash / Console Car Mount

Suitable for use with all Quad Lock cases and universal adapters, the Quad Lock self-adhesive dashboard/console car mount offers a versatile mounting solution with its slim adhesive base and swivel head. 

10. Quad Lock Out Front Mount Pro

The Out Front Mount Pro is compatible with all Quad Lock cases and the Universal Adapter. The smartphone is mounted very comfortably on the handlebar and can still be read well in a lying position.