Best Denon products in the AV Receiver category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Denon products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Denon AVR-S660H

5.2-Channel 8K AV Receiver with Voice Control and HEOS Built-in. The Denon AVR-S660H 5.2-channel 8K AV receiver delivers 135 watts per channel and supports Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Surround, DTSHD Master Audio and DTS Neo:6 formats, plus it's compatible with the latest HDMI specifications such as 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz passthrough, VRR, ALLM, HDR10+ and eARC. Designed for 4K or 8K setups, the AVR-S660H delivers superior surround sound and gaming experiences and supports the latest HDMI specifications. Latest 3D Audio Technologies. Experience sound in Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround formats from Blu-ray, streaming services, and TV. Easy setup and operation. Connect your TV to the AVR-S660H and the Denon Setup Wizard guides you step-by-step. 

Denon AVR-S660H (5.2 channels, AM, FM)
AV Receiver

Denon AVR-S660H

5.2 channels, AM, FM

2. Denon AVR-X2800H DAB

A full 150 watts of power per channel.

Denon AVR-X2800H DAB (7.2 channels, MW, FM, DAB)
AV Receiver

Denon AVR-X2800H DAB

7.2 channels, MW, FM, DAB

3. Denon DRA-800H

Enjoy the high-quality audio performance of the 2-channel DRA-800H HiFi network receiver with both analog and digital sources. Enhance your audio and home cinema experience with FM/DAB+ radio, a variety of ports, network integration and HDMI. The DRA-800H features an advanced power amp design and high performance for detailed, precise imaging and impressive sound. With 4K Ultra HD capable HDMI connectors, it can easily connect to all current audio/video sources (consoles, streaming players, UHD players) and TV. Thanks to the latest music streaming technologies (WLAN, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and HEOS), the DRA-800H enables music enjoyment from all online and offline sources. Enjoy playback of MP3, WAV, FLAC, ALAC and DSD (2.8/5.6MHz) files via network or USB interface on the front panel.

Equipped with A/B speaker connectors, two subwoofer pre-outs, three digital and two analogue inputs, one phono input (MM) and ARC for TV audio, the DRA-800H delivers a premium stereo listening experience for your music collection and home theater, and the DRA-800H hi-fi network receiver is specifically designed to meet the needs of your 2-channel system. The DRA-800H features a discrete power amp design, a symmetrical design and a generously dimensioned transformer. It provides a power of 145W per channel (at 6 Ohm) and can therefore easily control floor-standing loudspeakers adequately. Thanks to the Auto ECO mode, power consumption can be reduced without sacrificing performance.

Denon's sound engineers use carefully selected hi-fi components, including Denon-designed resistors and capacitors, to optimize the receiver's sound. Based on the award-winning Denon amplifiers, the DRA-800H features a balanced design, double differential D/A converter channels and an analog pre-amp circuit that is not affected by the power supply. The discrete circuits with short, direct signal paths between power supply, signal and amplification ensure detailed and precise reproduction with your speakers.

4. Denon AVC-X3800H

With 9 channels of amplification, up to 4 independent subwoofers, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, plus IMAX Enhanced and Auro-3D, the AVC-X3800H envelops larger living spaces in theatre-quality sound. Enjoy amazing 8K video quality and with HEOS Built-in, wirelessly stream and share online music between rooms. 

Denon AVC-X3800H (Stereo, 9.4 Channel)
AV Receiver

Denon AVC-X3800H

Stereo, 9.4 Channel

5. Denon RCD N12 DAB network hi-fi receiver

Colour details: Black, Audio outputs: AUX, Phono, Digital optical, Audio inputs: Headphone jack, HDMI ARC, RCA, Subwoofer pre-out, Features: Tidal, USB, Amazon Music, TuneIn, Spotify Connect, Heos, Deezer. 

Denon RCD N12 DAB network hi-fi receiver (DAB+, FM)
AV Receiver

Denon RCD N12 DAB network hi-fi receiver


6. Denon AVR-X1700H DAB

Radio Tuner: Internet Radio (TuneIn), DAB, FM, DAB+, HDMI Outputs: 1 ×, HDMI Inputs: 6 ×, Audio Channels: 7.2, Detail Color: Black, Interfaces: RJ-45 (LAN), USB, HDMI, Toslink, Phono, HDMI eARC, Audio Center Speaker/Subwoofer, WLAN, Analog Input, Bluetooth, Composite. 

Denon AVR-X1700H DAB (7.2 channels, FM, DAB+)
AV Receiver

Denon AVR-X1700H DAB

7.2 channels, FM, DAB+

7. Denon AVR-X2800H - black

Practical remote control included.

Denon AVR-X2800H - black (7.2 channels, AM, FM)
AV Receiver

Denon AVR-X2800H - black

7.2 channels, AM, FM

8. Denon DRA 900H Network Stereo Receiver

Colour details: Silver, Audio outputs: HDMI ARC, Subwoofer Pre-Out, RCA, Audio inputs: HDMI ARC, Digital optical, Digital coaxial, RCA, Phono, Features: AirPlay 2, Internet radio, Tidal, Amazon Music, Spotify Connect, Heos, DAB+, Voice control, Bluetooth, WLAN, FM radio, Deezer. 

Denon DRA 900H Network Stereo Receiver (FM, DAB+)
AV Receiver

Denon DRA 900H Network Stereo Receiver


9. Denon AVC X4800H 9.4 Channel Amplifier with 8K Video and 3D Audio *silver*.

Designed and manufactured in Japan, the powerful AVC-X4800H supports 9-channel amplification. With Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, as well as IMAX Enhanced and Auro-3D, the AVC-X4800H envelops even larger living areas in stunning 3D sound. Stream your favourite music wirelessly via HEOS® Built-in.

Tailored sound with full connectivity and control

Every part of a Denon product has been carefully engineered to deliver an unforgettable sound experience.

Denon AVC X4800H 9.4 Channel Amplifier with 8K Video and 3D Audio *silver*. (9.1.4 Channels, FM)
AV Receiver

Denon AVC X4800H 9.4 Channel Amplifier with 8K Video and 3D Audio *silver*.

9.1.4 Channels, FM

10. Denon AVR X1800H DAB 7.2-channel receiver with 8K video and 3D audio

Radio tuner: Internet radio, HDMI outputs: 1 ×, HDMI inputs: 6 ×, Audio channels: 7.2, Colour details: Black, Interfaces: HDMI, WLAN, USB, Bluetooth, HDMI eARC, RJ-45 (LAN). 

Denon AVR X1800H DAB 7.2-channel receiver with 8K video and 3D audio (7.2 channels)
AV Receiver

Denon AVR X1800H DAB 7.2-channel receiver with 8K video and 3D audio

7.2 channels