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Do you want to network your smart devices or do you simply need data volumes for your holidays or on the road? We have the right product for all your life situations. Quite simply, without contract commitment and prepaid. Buy your roaming data packages before your holidays and you won't have to worry about anything anymore, no more high roaming costs on your mobile phone bill.

digitec iot:
The problem with most data SIM cards is that the data volume expires within a short time. With our data packages valid 365 days a year, you no longer have to worry about your data every month. Our data packages can be used for IoT (Internet of Things) devices as well as for your smartphone or tablet, if you can do without phone calls and SMS. The possibilities are almost unlimited, be it for your smart home or smartphone. There are also very interesting IoT solutions for companies.

Qynamic also offers data packages on a SIM card without a number. They specialize in roaming data for abroad. And everywhere. With the Global and Global+ offers they are covered worldwide. You check in which zone your destination is located and buy the corresponding data package. The links to the country overview and for the app can be found in the individual product specifications. You can buy more data at any time via the app.

digitec connect: our mobile subscription is now also available for business customers


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2-year Wingo data flat rate for only 25.– a month. Offer ends 18.8.20


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digitec connect - SIM card for mobile subscription

digitec - iot Data Flat (30 days unlimited 300 Mbit/s)

Wingo - SIM card for mobile subscription

digitec - iot data package (1.2 GB / 365 days)

digitec - iot Data Flat (30 days unlimited 10 Mbit/s)

Qynamic - Q-SIM Zone Global (1 GB / 90 days)

digitec - iot Data Flat (30 days unlimited 0.4 Mbit/s)

digitec - iot Datenpaket (2 GB / 30 days)

Qynamic - Q-SIM Zone Global (500 MB / 30 days)

Qynamic - Q-SIM Zone Global (250 MB / 30 days)

Qynamic - Q-SIM Zone Global+ (1 GB / 30 days)

Digital Republic - SIM card Unlimited Internet for 30 days - High Speed

Qynamic - Q-SIM Zone Global+ (250 MB / 30 days)

Digital Republic - DR-Connect data SIM card (24 GB / 365 days)

digitec connect - Mobile-Abo für Firmenkunden