Your smartphone's battery is flat and no power outlet in sight? Now you'll appreciate a power bank!

A Powerbank is a mobile external battery. The Powerbank housing contains batteries, electronics and
connectors. These ports, usually USB A, USB C, Lightning or Micro-USB, can be used to connect and charge a device such as your iPhone, Samsung or Huawei smartphone, your iPad, Android Tablet or laptop. The mobile auxiliary battery is usually recharged by plugging it into an electrical outlet or a USB port.

The power or capacity of the buffer batteries is given in milliamperes hours (mAh). In most cases, the larger the power bank, the greater its capacity. With us you will find a Powerbank form for every need (space). We offer energy storage from 800 mAh to 41 600 mAh from various brands such as Anker, Xtorm, Cellularline, Sandberg or RAVPower. For example, a smartphone should charge up to 6 times with a 20,000 mAh Powerbar.

Are you looking for the ideal Powerbank for your travel adventures? Powerbanks in particular, which are waterproof (IP-certified) and can be charged via solar energy, prove themselves on journeys. So you're independent of any power outlets. Solar Powerbanks can bridge one or the other pass in the wilderness.

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Xtorm - XB303 Voyager (26000mAh, 60W)

Aukey - PB-XD26 (26800mAh, 45W)

RAVPower - RP-PB043 (20100mAh)

Samsung - EB-P1100 (10000mAh, 15W)

Xtorm - XB302 Rover (20000mAh, 45W)

Aukey - Powerbank PB-XD13 (20000mAh, 18W)

Xtorm - AL480N Powerbank (23200mAh, 80W)

Elecjet - PowerPie P20 (20000mAh, 45W)

Aukey - PB-Y36 Sprint Go Mini (10000mAh, 18W)

Xtorm - AL490 AC Pro (41600mAh, 200W)

Anker - PowerCore Speed (20100mAh, 30W)

Xqisit - Premium Powerbank

Anker - PowerCore Slim (10000mAh, 18W)

Aukey - PB-Y14 (20000mAh, 15W)

Samsung - External battery pack (10000mAh)